Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet The Incredibles

My family is very special. We, and I do mean all five of us plus Nelson the dog, have very mild super-powers. It's a big call to make but would I lead you astray?!

Iven, the patriarch, has the ability to make things invisible. He mostly does this to smallish objects such as his sunglasses, car keys, credit card or wallet but he's been known to make larger objects, like the car and a small child, disappear into thin air.

My eldest son, Sam, has the power of wind (anyone remember the cartoon Captain Planet) Sam's wind is not environmentally friendly, in fact he should have to pay a carbon-offset tax, but it is effective in clearing a room.

Josh's very mild super-power is the ability to withstand very high levels off decibels which may one day come in handy. (re sonic boom) We can hear him before we see him as he drives down the street.

Luke can control time - or at least that's the skill he's trying to develop. He has taken procrastination to a new level and always thinks there'll be time to get that homework done later.

Our dog Nelson has psychic powers. He can make food drop from the bench just by standing under you when you're doing the food prep. I think this is a really draining super-power to use because once he's eaten he always has to go off and have a sleep.

And my very mild super-power is the power to control electric lights - and I don't mean just by switching them off and on at the power point. When I'm running or walking or even when I'm driving, streetlights sometimes turn off when I go under them. This happens at least 3 times a week and even my walking friend Natalie comments on it now. I haven't learnt how to use this ability to its best advantage (no I can't see myself graffiti-ing walls or committing B&E's) but when I come up with something I'll let you know.

Today's run was a nice relaxed 12k done in almost total darkness, especially after I made yet another streetlight turn off. I left around 5am (thank you dogs for waking me up so early) and did the run through the University along the river. The problem with running in darkness is that you can't see the swarms of insects at mouth-height. I managed to swallow something but at least it was small and went down without too much of a fight.

Hope you all enjoy your runs today.


  1. Love this post. Your very own Incredible family. Awesome!

  2. Love the super powers! Hilarious!

  3. Great post! I feel safer knowing your family is ready to came to the recuse.

  4. Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm lucky that I can run in game and nature reserves often. I forget how "different" that must be for a lot of people. That's what I like about all the blogs. Reading where all the people run and race. have a good week!

  5. Hilarious post! Funny, my hubby can makes things invisible too!

    Great job on your run.

  6. 12 km run in almost total darkness! The problem with running in darkness is that you can't see a pothole. Be careful!

  7. I make beer invisible...


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