Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Computers and Senior Moments

Today I'm going nowhere really quickly. I've been sitting here at this computer all morning and yet I've achieved nothing. Why? Because it's a brand spanking new computer. I have finally ditched my computer that was a Frankenstein monster of all of Josh's hand-me-down parts. It had decided that enough was enough and had taken to going MIA for a few days then starting back again as if nothing had happened. Well I could no longer stand for this. I value consistency and reliability pretty highly so I've junked it's lazy, fat arse and Josh has built me a new beauty - but all I want is for it to do what the last one did.

So today's been all about trying to remember what my other had on it and putting it on this one while trying to not get way-laid by videos of cute talking babies and searching for new ideas in cupcake making. I think I'm nearly there but there are a few things that I'll need a little help with.

This computer has been a work in progress for over a week. Josh told me he'd build one for me and he ordered the parts two Fridays ago. Then he went out for the weekend and I didn't get to hear that the parts were ready to be picked up till Sunday evening - even though they were available and could have been picked up on Saturday. Iven kindly picked them up for me and Josh quickly assembled it on Monday. But by quickly assembling it I mean he put all the pieces together in the case and it sat on the floor of his bedroom unable to be used for the best part of a week.

I didn't want to pressure him to get it finished so I started using my sub-conscious nagging technique to get things moving. This is a special technique that I've perfected over the years where you do lots of nice things for the person. Then you throw in a few choice words like 'computer' over and over in conversation. You even go into their rooms when they are sleeping and whisper the job that you require doing into their ear. And eventually they wake up and decide that today is the day that it's going to happen.

Unfortunately some people are resistant to this type of manipulation and I had to resort to bribery and nagging. The bribery was in the form of a beautiful cooked breakfast on Sunday morning (the nagging had started on Friday) and that got a little action happening. But not much. It was getting quite late and if I was to have a functional machine for this week I knew that another prod was required. So Josh made a bargain with me - I'd try to fix the less-than-professional bleach job that one of his friends had done on his hair and he'd get my computer to a usable stage.

He's regretting that request today. I can sew and I can bake and I can castrate a tom cat on the kitchen table but apparently I'm not much of a hair colourist. Josh's hair is covering the spectrum from brown through orange and yellow all the way to platinum blonde. Oops! My bad!!

But my computer's working :)

And on a total change of topic - Iven and I reached a new milestone in our 25 year marriage last weekend. It was the Joint Senior Moment. He was working so he took one car and said he'd meet me at the cafe for breakfast. I drove my car there and after breakfast we left mine there and went in his to buy fruit and veg from the markets. When we got home he drove his car into my empty side of the garage and that was the moment when we both realised that we'd left the other car sitting outside the cafe. Judging from how much we laughed, getting old is going to be heaps of fun!


  1. I like to call those senior moments "A.D.D. moments" and I have a slew of them! I used to do a weekly A.D.D. update on the blog, but now I'm so old I can't even remember them as soon as I go and type :).

    Isn't part of good parenting skills bribery and subliminal messages? If not, I'm screwed! Good to hear your new computer is up and you can Google how to color one's hair a consistent color! :)

  2. What I want to know is: do you love the new computer more than the new mixer???

  3. I'm very interested to read about sub-conscious nagging. This is definitely something I need to perfect - there are a lot of jobs I need doing around the house. Enjoy your new computer!

  4. Love the car story. That is too too funny!

  5. Ha! A couple that has senior moments together stays together.
    Yay for a new long as it's not me setting it up, cuz that would be a disaster.

  6. Funny Senior story.

    Computers can be a pain, but most of us rely on them so much it's worth any headaches.

  7. Yes, we're out there running and exercising while others aren't.That's what I tell myself when I am 4th our of 4 in my age group. I'll still take it.

  8. I love that you guys can just laugh off your senior moments! So great to have someone to go through life with. :)

  9. See, and I came to your blog and my mouth started watering and you don't even have any pictures of cupcakes up. It just happens now.


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