Monday, November 28, 2011


Just feeling a bit sad today. Sam and Hannah have broken up and I'm feeling a little like I've broken up too. Hannah has been accepted into Medicine down in Sydney (a four year course) and because of a host of different factors they've decided to split.

Hannah has been coming around for more than three years now. When she came over the first time, I couldn't believe how quiet and shy she was. But over time she's relaxed and grown to be like one of the family and I guess that's why I'm feeling it. It was so nice to have a girl around the house to help dilute the testosterone - especially one that would laugh with me at the boys and their strange male ways.

But as much as I'd like to - I don't have control over the situation so I have to just get on with things. As does Sam. He started his Physiotherapy course yesterday and has a lot of work ahead. It's so exciting for him - this is what he's always wanted to do. It was his first choice of course when he left high school but he didn't quite get the marks to get in. So he's had to do things the long way round but has showed such determination and tenacity to get what he wanted. I'm just so proud of him.

The weather has been vile here for the last week. And today was the most vile of all. The temperature didn't drop below 25C /77F last night and when it came time for speed session it was a very unpleasant 27C / 80F with a humidity of 92%. Coach Chris showed compassion and gave us equal recovery to repetition but by midway I found I was walking some of the recovery. But I figure we should get extra brownie points for just showing up on a day like today. Thank goodness there's a cool change forecast for Thursday.

And on the work front I've gotten quite busy - ridiculous at this time of the year! All of my rhythmic girls have decided to get sorted out early and all of a sudden I have a pile of designs on my workroom table. It's actually quite a fun thing to do when there's not the pressure of other work and I've finished 2 in the last week

Both still have to be blinged up but I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out.


  1. That is sad when you lose someone through the circumstances you described. Sounds like it was amicable though which is good.

  2. Sorry to hear about the break-up. I can understand why you must be feeling it too - especially in a male-dominated household. I know I've got such things to look forward to in 10 years or so...

  3. That's too bad! I guess we have to be careful not to get too attached to our boys' girlfriends, right? Good thing you have a lot of work to keep your mind off of it at the moment...
    And what I wouldn't give for a touch of your Australian summer right now - cold and blustery here!

  4. Sorry to hear about Sam & Hannah. :( Hopefully it is for the best in the long run. I sort of know how you feel - when my sister split from her long term boyfriend, I felt like I was splitting too. He became part of the family and like a little brother to me!

  5. Oh I'm so sorry about the breakup. You would be the coolest of cool MILs. It's so weird to read about heat as it's so cold here. I can do without humidity like that though. Blah.
    The costumes are glorious!

  6. Sad story but they are young and their lives will turn out the way it is meant to be. Your work is amazing as usual!

  7. Sorry about the breakup but this is the life even is, sometimes (or often), sad.
    You have a big talent, congrats.


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