Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things That Amuse Small Minds

A funny thing happened to me on my run today. I'd decided to do a short easy run before my strength training and went on a 5k loop around the neighbourhood. I was in the last k and feeling pretty good (mainly because I'd had a long wait at the lights and then hit a downhill stretch). A group of boys from the nearby school were doing their fitness training - a run in the opposite direction to me and some of them were walking up the slope I was running down.

I felt a little superior - sure I was twice their age (okay, probably more like three times) but I'm just as fit. Maybe even fitter. So I started motoring down the hill when from out of nowhere (actually it was out of the bus shelter) I was almost taken out by an arm hailing a bus. My beautiful running form disintegrated to a dodge, weave and almost-tripping-but-just-managing-to hold it together-but-not-very-gracefully.

And I saw some of the boys laugh. Yep, I'd really impressed them.

And while I'm on the subject of small things that amuse small minds. Yesterday my dog Nelson had a piece of grass hanging out of his butt. I'm really puerile and decided to show it to Josh (who's as puerile as his Mum and also found it amusing) and Luke (who was eating his dinner and didn't think it was at all funny - the boy has no sense of humour I tell you!) My inner vet decided that I could attempt extraction - ie pull it out with a tissue. Well, it was like an iceburg! Only 25% was able to be seen. The rest was hidden below the surface. And the look on Nelson's face when I pulled it out? Confusion and surprise with a little doggy mouth puckering (as well as puckering at the other end of his anatomy. Now that was funny!


  1. Good grief, how big is your grass there??! ha ha. And so embarrassing when we think we're tough running shit and then trip or look stupid for some reason. Glad you didn't wipe out.

  2. Hmmmm, apparently I have a small mind.


  3. I would never, ever try to show off in front of the youngsters. I might try to serve as a good example but show off, NEVER ;-)
    Thanks for the laughs this morning. I needed them.

  4. Oh my gosh--I guess I have a small mind too! All funny stuff.

    Hey--just read about the eclipse marathon in Port Douglas next year. I want to do it!!

  5. Oh gosh...what a morning for you! Sorry I'm laughing...but really glad you're ok! :)

  6. They must have been laughing at something else!

  7. LOL! I think I'm with Luke, I wouldn't want to know how long that grass is...
    Good thing you managed not to wipe out - now that would have really been embarassing!

  8. Oh geez! Glad you didn't hurt more than your ego doing that dodge!
    But grass? Hilarious!

  9. It's always such a great idea to act cool in front of youths. The grass thing sounds gross - yuck!

  10. Nice post!
    Long time ago i had a dog and she use to eat ropes....I lived many times your same "adventure".


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