Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Powerful Post-Run Euphoria (or how a good run overcame the effects of a bad client)

I had my best run for about four weeks today. It was a nice relaxed 10k and this week (as opposed to last) I didn't stop and walk three, or four, or maybe it was five, times. The difference was my mental state (no nasty emotional turmoil this week - life's pretty peachy) AND maybe because of my new strength-building regime.

I've been doing all my hard-core plyometrics and weights (okay maybe 5kg isn't exactly hard core but do enough reps and it can hurt) religiously for all of four weeks now and I'm noticing changes. Firstly I'm getting a little shape in my deltoids. My bicep no longer looks like a knotted piece of wool. I'm able to get a lot higher in my squat jumps. And I am getting a fierce hunger on the days I do this routine. That's got to mean that I'm doing something right, doesn't it?

Having a good run has made me happy, happy, happy! It's inspired me (I thought of two great Christmas ideas today). It's made my world full of rainbows and unicorns (maybe I DO watch too much Glee - but seriously, Brittany is hysterical)

And then one dark cloud came into my beautiful perfect bubble world. It came in the form of an annoying and difficult customer (thanks Aunty Carol for recommending me to her - you're officially off my Christmas card list). She came in with the pair of bathers I'd made her a year ago. She wanted me to 'guess' what was wrong with them. Sorry lady, I've got another client due any moment who HAS an appointment and a leotard I want to finish before the end of the day - I don't want to play guessing games.

She did eventually show me what the problem was. The stitching was straining on the sides and in the back seam. It was SOOO hard to refrain from saying that it was probably because she'd gained 15 kilos. Personally I was impressed that the seam was still holding. I may or may not have mouthed some nasty words behind her back and I might have called her names that my mother would not have approved of when she finally left.

Usually I would hold onto my annoyance for the rest of the day BUT my the effect of my good run was more powerful than even the most annoying client in the universe and I'm back to feeling Damned Good!

I hope everyone has a really good run today!


  1. So, when the family is good; the runs are good. But when family is ornery, Char is not a happy runner. Perhaps the boys need to learn this!

  2. Hooray for the awesome power of a good run - it can overpower even the most annoying of customers!!! I'm really glad for you!

  3. Sorry about the difficult client, but glad you didn't let it affect your great mood after a great run!

    Nice work on your strength work - sounds like it is working for sure. Hunger is always a good sign.

  4. So glad you were still high from that fabulous run to counterbalance the rude, seam-straining customer. I'd be way too embarrassed to complain about something so stupid.

  5. You should have gone for a run BEFORE she came to drive her away sooner.

  6. Hey Char

    I was glad to hear from you and see that things are going so well for you.

    I've got boys too but 10 or so years younger than yours. I can only imagine how proud you must be of them.

    Stay in touch.

  7. Sorry for the annoying customer! I want to retire not to meet anymore boring people because of my job!!!
    However a good run is always a very good cure.

  8. Sounds great. I must start using weights more and doing strength-training, I just don't know where to start.


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