Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Tale Of Twin Sisters

Stranger than anything that a soap-opera writer could come up with - because it's true.

There were once twin sisters. They loved each other deeply and did everything together. Unfortunately, they fell in love with the same man. He was exotic, handsome foreigner with no place to stay so they invited him to share their home. He moved in and was soon making moves on both of the girls and both were incapable of resisting his charms.

One night, one of the sisters admitted tearfully that she loved the handsome stranger. This made the other sister break down and regretfully admit that she felt the same. It was a quandary as he loved both of the girls equally and none could bare to be the one to walk away. The twins decided that their love for each other was strong enough to stop any jealousy and that the only thing they could do would be to share him.

And sharing worked fine for a while. They were all living happily until one of the girls became unwell. She realised that she wasn't able to procreate and this made the most fierce jealousy rise in her breast. All of a sudden she couldn't bear the sight of her twin and did anything to make her look bad in the sight of the man. And in an ultimate act of desperation, she faked a pregnancy then stole her sister's offspring.


Actually it's not really a story about people. This melodrama has been played out in my backyard in the chook pen. I've mentioned before about the tall, handsome (to some eyes) stranger.

Personally I don't see the attraction - but I'm not a chook. He has become a permanent fixture in the chicken run and the girls seem very happy to share their food with him.

One of the chickens started laying weird eggs. I suspected that she had a calcium deficiency.

But not long afterwards she began to kick the other hen's good eggs out of the nest so we were getting one weak egg that was sometimes broken and the other egg was being smashed on the ground. A bit of layer's feed has fixed the calcium problem but now our jealous, calcium deficient hen has become clucky.

She won't leave her nest unless I force her out. And she won't let the other hen roost. The other day I decided that the best way to fix her would be to block her out of the hen house. She was not happy - and neither was her fine-feathered friend who had nowhere to lay her egg. But I guess laying an egg is a little like going to the toilet - when you've got to go, you've got to go! She found an alternative - an old cement laundry tub that is now a planter. She layed her egg only to have her nest immediately overtaken by the clucky hen. She claimed the egg as her own and set about trying to incubate it. Talk about delusional! I'm thinking we might have to add anti-psychotic drugs to her water.

Does anyone else have weird pets?


  1. Well you know I've got a weird dog with adolescent neck pimples. Who looks even weirder with a drain and a shaved throat :)

  2. Wow - who knew there was so much going on in that hen house?

  3. Our cat does sprints after he poops. I don't know if that qualifies for weird.

  4. Haha, love the story! We've had some weird pets but our current bunch is pretty normal.

  5. Call it "As The Egg Spins". Ah, chicken drama. Nothing like it.

    BTW, you are the lucky winner of my Sony mp3 player giveaway. Just email your address so I can send it to you.

  6. Thank you for my first (hopefully not last) laugh of the day.

  7. Life is never dull at your house!!!
    I have a cat that licks the wall...that's about as odd at it gets at our house. Oh, the same cat likes to drink out of the fish bowl and the fish comes up and says "Hi" to the cat when it comes get a drink. Both animals are clearly stupid!

  8. Those are some weird chickens. Well one of our cats hid under the cupboards for 3 days and then came out like he always has. No clue as to what caused the drama to begin or end.

  9. lol this is quite the story and I love how jealous animals get....people claim they have no emotions - pish posh! lol

    that male DOES look like king rooster :P or crook

  10. What a nice love story! Could it become a reality?
    I like the new header/background.

  11. OMG!!! You freaked me out...I thought you were going to say that this story was about you. I have a BIG imagination so it was easy to picture this happy it was a barnyard tale. LOVED it!

  12. I'm just relieved that I'm not the only one who has weird animals. I was starting to think it was something that I'd done - like feeding them chicken stuffing and threatening them with casseroling if they didn't perform.
    Jamoosh - your cat is just doing interval training. And Jill your cat sounds like it's missing flavour in its diet. I hope there's no leaad in your wall paint.

  13. Oh my goodness that is too funny. I keep telling my husband that we should raise chickens... I may need to reconsider that, LOL!


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