Sunday, April 22, 2012

All The Best Bits

Two runs this weekend. Two really good runs that provided me with a sense of calm in what's been a pretty yuck week. But I'm not going to focus on the yuck. I'm going to talk about all the good stuff that happened - starting with Saturday's run.

I'm never going to be the sort of person that bounces out of bed at 4::45 am. The fact that I do it is a testament to my running group. Why else would I be up at ridiculous o'clock in the morning to run only 2k with them if it wasn't going to be for the friendship and support and laughter that  they give. Go GaleForce! Coach Chris had chosen the direction that I can run (ie no hills). Score!! I had a nice 13 minutes with them until they headed up over the bridge and I continued on the flat way.

I put my ear phones in to hear gorgeous acoustic guitar - me running along the river as the sun's starting to come up listening to music that just brings such peace = me in my happy place. I ran along to the botanical gardens and took the low road along where all the boats are moored and watched them bob gently. Does the bobbing wake up the resident or does it lull them into a deeper sleep? A family of ducks on the river = more happy. I ran keeping my eye sporadically on my heart rate and walked when I had to. And it all felt really good.

Sunday's was another great run. When I woke up the school oval next door was blanketed in fog and I just wanted to be out in it. There's a weird romantic feel to running along when you can't always see where your feet are going to touch. I chose to run to the University even though it's a pretty undulating route and I was prepared to have a lot more walk breaks. But funnily enough I didn't need too many. I kept checking my watch and my heart rate was staying in the right zone. I got all the way to the uni before taking my first walk up a long, slow incline. Then I ran around the big lake because there's nothing like running around water and seeing ducks and geese and other runners and geese chasing runners to put a smile on your face.

My totals for the week ended up being 34k run/walking with 27k of that being running. A big week, yes. But so far no nasty side-effects. (Probably due to having FOUR naps on the weekend!! - every time I felt tired I just gave in to it. It's something that I haven't been able to do since I've been diagnosed but finally with my work under control I'm putting all my efforts into getting stronger)

My son, Josh has been without a car for three weeks - minor bingle with a kerb =  major inconvenience with car juggling. It was supposed to be ready on the 30th of this month but the repairers finished it 10 days early. That was enough to make me happy (no more coordinating of the car juggling) but to make it even better he got the call on Friday at 11:30am. Normally he'd be at work but he'd been really sick with a sore throat and fevers so he was home. I had two appointments that day - one arrived early just as he got the call and the other was late enough that I could drive him out to pick his car up. It worked out more perfectly than if it had been planned to the minute. Another reason to feel good.

And the last really nice thing that happened was coffee and a movie with my BFF Natalie. We try to get together most Saturdays but a couple of things had meant that it had been three weeks since we'd last caught up. There was lots of catching up to do. And Natalie's such a great listener (sorry for talking your ear off). And the movie was nice. (The Lucky One - I didn't necessarily swoon over the naked chested Zach Effron but I totally fell in love with the giant hound that had his own mind when it came to training)

So what were the best bits of your weeks? The moments that gave you peace or joy or laughter.


  1. I love how your kerb is our curb. At least I think that's what it is :). Good to hear all the positive tones in your post today, there is nothing that beats a really nice and peaceful run (or TWO) to bump up the spirits a notch or 20. Makes the yuck part of the day that much less yucky :).

    Um, yeah, there'd have to be something pretty special to get up at 4:20am to go run. Friend will definitely do that though. Soooo glad to hear you are getting stronger and the running's going better!!

  2. Opps, sorry... 4:45. Still way too damn early. Ha.

  3. Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome week - and it is great to hear that your running went so well. Hope it continues in the upward direction!

  4. That's some endurance napping you've been doing! Good for you, you must have needed it. Great running last week.

  5. Napping is great! I'm sure it was a huge benefit. Glad the runs went well!

  6. Love those unexpected gifts - of running, friendship, laughter, and time-management :) And I'm with you - I love to run in the dark, especially at night, because I love the sensation of running where all your senses are heightened by lack of immediate vision. So cool!

  7. Two runs in two days sounds like you are headed in the right direction. And four naps? Bliss! There are never enough of those.

    Rounding things out with a movie with a dear friend sounds like you scored big time!

  8. Your runs sound glorious--so happy for you! Sounds like your weekend was perfect.
    Me? A tad muddy but fun. Got my wrist slapped by eBay for misbehaving on a skating dress purchase. the girls may very well be going nude I'm afraid. :0

  9. I get up at 4:45 to swim. It amazes me that I do this. Never could do it for running.
    My ride in the rain today was my happy bit. Awesome!

  10. Fantastic Char. I wouldn't be up at 5am on a Sunday morning for a long ride if I knew I couldn't ride with Mr B- having someone else around is so motivating.
    And I love catching up with friends too.

  11. 27k of running!!! that's amazing :) and you had an awesome week. Keep it up we'll get back to running full force soon enough


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