Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Problem With Easter

I have a MAJOR problem. No, it's not another cranky customer. And no, nothing's changed with my health. The wedding is over so I have nothing to worry about on the sartorial side. My problem is much more basic and not an uncommon problem within the fairer sex. My problem is chocolate!!

I mentioned a few posts back that I'd found the Easter Bunny's stash hidden in plain sight in the downstairs loo. And I mentioned that the Easter Bunny was very generous. Well, I'm talking THIS generous - 

Now that's a 700g egg. It's the biggest egg that I've ever been given. But I also got a packet (a large packet) of licorice allsorts and three packets of almond M&Ms (my current favourites). Add to that the left-over chocolate from my birthday and you've got enough sugar to put me in a week-long diabetic coma. 

I may also have mentioned a little problem that I have with lactose. Lactose + not enough lactase (digestive enzyme) = stomach pains and flatulence. Milk chocolate has lactose in it. Licorice is a well-known laxative. Combine the two and you have a potential incendiary device that could wipe out a city with one open flame.

I'm rationing myself but every night I end up with a little stomach ache. I could give some away but I just can't bring myself to part with any of this delicious, wind-creating goodness. It's a huge dilemma.

And on top of this is the guilt that the Easter Bunny wasn't quite as generous to Iven. Yes, I'm stingy. So my guilt-ridden self was forced into a chocolate shop yesterday to buy Iven a second of his favourite ginger chocolate egg (at 25% off). And while I was there I managed to buy myself a licorice chocolate egg. I have no idea how that happened. I must have been in a sugar-induced psychosis. And then I came home and hid it - from myself. Luckily for early-onset dementia. I might forget where I hid it in the next couple of days and then find it at Christmas.

For Easter I also baked a special Easter batch of cupcakes. They weren't a new recipe - I just decorated them in an Easter theme.

I love my new grass piping nozzle. But squeezing all that icing (48 mini cupcakes and one 4 inch cake) through the little tiny holes can give you a serious case of Popeye forearm. It's my first-ever bout of cake-decorating DOMS.

Did anyone else end up with way too much chocolate? Please let me know that I'm not the greediest little piglet.


  1. I LOVE your easter cupcakes....I made some too - I thought it was too late to post them. Maybe I still will. I just did a light yellow icing. Last year I made bunny and chick figures out of fondant - NEVER again. tedious and no fun :P

    I WANT THAT EGG!!!! please send it on over, I don't have lactose issues. lol ;)

  2. Those cupcakes look incredible!! And that is the best looking chocolate easter egg I have ever seen!

    I actually went kind of mild on the Easter candy this year. I did not have one cadbury egg. Something must be wrong with me! Actually, we've just been on a tight budget so I didn't spend much on chocolates and candy. Last year I walked into a store the night before Easter and they were putting ALL Easter candy 75% off so I went WAY overboard and found myself loading up on chocolate for WEEKS!! Chocolate is definitely my weakness too.

  3. I don't know how you stay so thin; if I have relentless cupcakes and Easter candy, I'd be WAY over a thousand lbs.

    You crack me up with the stomach ache. It's like common sense you wouldn't eat it, but it's just too dang good so you put up with a little unpleasantness. Yep, I would be too, most definitely. Haha.

  4. Love the grass piping on those cupcakes - I never thought decorating then could be that physically taxing, though!

    And chocolate? Hey, I live in Belgium - it's a year round proposition here... Very very dangerous!

  5. Ha, I have a huge chocolate problem myself! I just love it too much! Good thing I train very regularly. Your cupcakes look magnificent as always.

  6. I'm finding myself extremely jealous of how kind the Easter bunny was for you and wondering what I did to annoy that little bunny. :)

  7. Cake-decoration DOMS - that is just too funny! Every time I read your blog you make me laugh. Thank you for that! Although I am sorry for your chocolate-induced flatulence problem (and for your family ;) )

  8. Too much chocolate? Is there such a thing? I would definitely also buy myself some after Easter on sale chocolate Those cupcakes are so cute. I don't know why you don't weigh a ton.

  9. Wonderful photo of those cupcakes!
    There's still a lot of chocolate in my house ... consequently I'm not losing weight :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. You must have an iron will to not have scoffed all that chocolate yet. The cupckaes look amazing as always!

  11. Love the cupcake grass - pity about the cupcake DOMS though!

  12. Yes way too much chocolate here too and it wasn't even mine...just pilfered. Ugh. I hope you get a nice massage for that DOMS.

  13. I'm a little piglet! I actually hid other peoples' candy in the house just so that I could enjoy it in the weeks to come. Now if only I could remember where I hid it all....
    Cute cupcakes! Have you joined PINTEREST yet? So many creative ideas and I'm sure they have CAKE BOARDS> Check it out!

  14. that cake is adorable!! i admit...i was a piglet too. way too much chocolate, and it was just me and hubs. i can feel my butt growing!

  15. Easter cupcakes and chocolate are my wife's problem, she doesn't succeed in saying: "no more"!


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