Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Wedding

We've been blessed with brilliant weather over Easter. Beautiful blue skies. Warm days. Cool nights. Absolutely perfect weather if you're planning on getting married - which my niece and her partner did.

Saturday was the big day. I'd had such a bad week physically that my main aim for Saturday was to rest up until I had to get ready. But I'm not very good at resting when I know things have to be done and I kept worrying that my boys would all want to shower at the same time (at the last minute) and wouldn't have their shirts ironed even though I'd asked them to do it the day before. So at one o'clock I decided to get the ball rolling and start getting ready. It's ridiculous how long it takes to get ready when you're making a little effort. Normally I'd spend about 20 minutes showering and drying my hair. Saturday it took a good hour plus a little.

But eventually we were all ready and about to jump into the cars when one of the boys realised that the chickens had escaped into the school next door. So we did what any good chicken-owners would do - jumped the fence (yes, even in my heels) and chased them around the school till they'd been caught. 

The rest is best told in pictures.

The Bride and Groom

Family Photos are More Fun in a Playground

Anneke (my great-niece), Avril (the flower girl) and photos from the reception.

Best parts of the wedding 

- Anneke dancing to Sexy and I Know It. Yes, she's not even a year old yet and she needed a couch to prop against, but that girl's got moves.

- The Photo Booth. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone planning a wedding. People kept disappearing behind the curtain  and coming out with big smiles on their faces to wait for their strips of photos. They got to keep one and the other got put into an album for the bride and groom.

- The chief bridesmaid having a dance rumble with one of the other guests. Loz you were hilarious!

- Watching Nicki and Nick really get to enjoy themselves at the reception.

My Family

Iven and I


  1. These are all wonderful pictures but I was really hoping to see you jumping the fence in your high heels. :)

    BTW you looked stunning. I mean it!

  2. Beautiful photos! And you look great! Happy Easter and wedding!

  3. you look hot! and I love the playground pics :)

    Happy Easter

  4. You look so beautiful Char! This is such a great picture of you and Iven!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics - you look great in that red dress! Sounds like it was a lovely wedding - best wishes to the new couple!

  6. That sounds like a fun wedding. You look great in the pictures, and I'd love to have seen you chasing chickens in your heels too!

  7. Where was the video camera when we needed it to see you jump that fence in heels?

    What a beautiful day you all had. Glad you had such a wonderful day. And yes, that sounds like boys, waiting until the last minute to prep!

  8. You look smashing in the red dress. What a gorgeous wedding and it looks like a load of fun too!

  9. Despite all of your awesome pictures, I would have appreciated some of your guys chasing the chickens around. I always feel SO silly trying to catch ducks and chickens...and yet, it makes me so happy!
    You are rocking the red dress!

  10. Your family cleans up quite well! Love the dress!

    I've heard of the photo booth thing. Sounds great.

  11. love the last picture, so sweet! you looked awesome! :)

    i too, would have liked some chicken chasing pics...hee hee!

  12. Great photos, Char! And I am in stitches picturing your whole family chasing chickens while dressed for a wedding. Too funny!

  13. Looks like a great time and you look gorgeous as do Julie and Fiona

  14. You clean up nice! I really would have liked photos of you running around chasing the chickens all dressed up...

  15. Hahaha....chasing chickens in heels would definitely cause me to sprain an ankle.

    You guys look great. Loving your red dress...and the smiles on everyone's faces :).

  16. Great pics. Many blessings to the newlyweds!

  17. Great pics. A very elegant group.
    But you look great also in running "uniform".


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