Friday, April 6, 2012

Pins and Needles

Life has a way of giving you reminders of things every so often. Only yesterday I was reminded that you shouldn't grab hold of the metal part of the fry pan handle just after it's been used. And all this week I've been reminded that my doctor said to make sure I didn't push too hard and I got plenty of rest. I guess that working multiple 40+ hour weeks while trying to up my distance running may not have been the most wise thing to do. Life decided that I needed a subtle reminder so it crash-tackled me.

I worked all of this out when I was lying on the rug on my workroom floor on Tuesday - not knowing if I was going to throw up or fall asleep and knowing that I still had heaps of work to get done by the end of the week.

But while I was lying there I decided that if all that Western Medicine could offer me  was advice to rest, I needed to look elsewhere for help. A running friend had suggested seeing an acupuncturist to help with energy issues and I had read about one of our local swimmers who'd had exactly what I'd had and now was in the Olympic team for London. She's used a Chinese herbalist. So I decided to take action.

I've had my first-ever session with an acupuncturist now. And I lucked out. He's a runner from a local group who knew a lot of the people that I know. Talk about instant rapport. He took a history and did an examination and has decided that my adrenals are fatigued. From pumping out double quantities of cortisol every day for the last four years? What slackers!!

I looked at the ceiling so I didn't have to watch what he was doing. I really never thought I'd be voluntarily allowing someone to stick needles into my body. But it honestly didn't hurt. He kept checking my pulse and the funny thing is that I could feel a change in it from when he put it the first needle. It stopped the driving, pounding that I could feel through my whole body and became a more subtle, normal beat. The fatigue that I feel in my trapezius as a tingling dragging feeling disappeared as well.

I'd like to say that I've never really taken too much interest in alternative medicine. I like to know that there's a scientific explanation behind events. But science can't offer me anything more so I'm prepared to experiment to see what will happen. And I won't be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  I still intend to do what my doctor said - just as soon as my workload eases in the next fortnight.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter. I know the Easter bunny will be visiting me because I've seen where he's hidden my stash. Silly bunny - he should have known not to hide it in the downstairs bathroom that I use as my loo when I'm working. But I'll forgive him this year - I can't be mad at a bunny that is planning on being incredibly generous. And I haven't even finished my birthday chocolate yet.


  1. ahahaha.... i wondered what that bag of goodies was doing in there... i figured i knew what it was but didn't want to ask.
    silly daddy! yet... classic daddy. lol

  2. So funny that you found the Easter bunny stash in your bathroom. :) I hope that acupuncture works. I'm a big believer in alternative healing. I have tried many things...some of which I don't talk about a ton because people think it is hocus pocus but I believe in the power of energy and there are many ways of healing that the western world just roll their eyes at. Tong Ren, Pranic Healing, etc. I've seen first hand that they work. Thinking of you Char!

  3. I know I had to keep knocking on many doors to find an answer to my foot problem and dry needling (similar to acupuncture) was one of those things. I hope you find some magic in the needles ... I so admire your tenacity to keep searching!

    That darn Easter bunny is not very good at hiding his stash. I found our stuff in my bedroom closet and darnit, I just had to test taste the chocolate to make sure it wasn't rotten or anything. Took several to figure out all was okay. Happy Easter to you, my friend!

  4. Happy Easter to you to! I hope that the acupuncture turns out to be a success - needles freak me out, so I think you are very brave.

  5. Like you, I believe in science and am not a fan of alternative medicines. But when I couldn't get rid of my PF, I definitely considered it. If it works, it works, right? Hope the needles can help you get your energy back. Happy Easter!

  6. I hope that acupuncture works! Please, let's know about it!

    Happy Easter weekend!

  7. Happy Easter to you too .... and we know, the bunnies are not smart animals so he didn't succeed in hiding himself very well.
    I hope that the acupuncture can help. I used this method 2 times in my life and it worked.

  8. I have never had any acupuncture done but I am very curious about it. Hope it works for you. So many people swear by it and it is such an ancient procedure, there must be something to it.
    Good luck and hope you and happy Easter.

  9. I would be willing to try this. I hope it works for you! Yay to lots of chocolate.

  10. i'm pretty willing to try anything if it works! up to about five years ago i didn't even know the difference between a physio or chiropractor and massage was for rich i'll do anything if it helps! cool that you could really feel a difference, i've done ims but not acupuncture, would be interested to try it!


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