Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Rules of The Game

I had a much better week last week. My energy levels are starting to improve again. I think I'm finally learning the rules of this game.

Rule #1 - You will be allotted a certain amount of energy just like money in Monopoly. You're allowed to spend this energy anyway you want - running, working, getting emotional/stressed. But if you spend more than your share of energy you will be severely punished. The debt collector will come and taser you and leave you convulsing on the floor. Then you'll spend a week or so getting over your indiscretion.

Rule #2 - You shall  run no more than 3/4 of your allotted distance and you MUST keep a close eye on your heart rate. If you go up a hill it will get high, so stop and walk for a while. If you try to catch that slow runner in front of you it will get high, so stop and walk for a while. If a car toots you and you get a fright it will get high, so stop and walk for a while. If you sing while you run it will get high, so stop singing because when you sing and run and wear headphones your singing will be really bad and probably off-key.  If a workman wolf-whistles you it will get high but don't stop and walk until you're out of sight because the workman may think that he's gotten lucky.

Rule #3 - Make sure you do everything you can to recover well after the run. Eat soon after and include quality carbs and protein. Rehydrate well. Have a rest if you can. Stretch or do some yoga. And read running magazines to keep that little flicker of inspiration burning brightly.

Rule #4 - Even though it's tough at time, know that following the rules will get you to where you want to be eventually. I still have no idea when eventually will be but I'm determined that I'll get there one day.

So my stats for last week were - 32k total run/walk
                                                22k of that was running
                                                4 runs - the longest was 11k
                                                average HR ranged from 129 (quite a bit of walking in that one) to                                                                                                    
                                                157 on yesterday's hilly route
                                                average pace - I'm not running by pace so I'm not going to mention  

And the best news of this week is that I'm almost at the end of the silly season with my work. Last aerobics leotards will be appliqu├ęd today and that will leave me with just lots of posing bikinis and trunks for body builders. I survived!! The dogs were thrilled when I told them the news.

"You've nearly finished? Does that mean more walks???"

"Finished? I'm smiling on the inside - or I will be after I have a nap."

Good luck to all the Boston Marathoners. Please run safe.


  1. hey, your stats are're starting to build back up again! glad to hear the energy levels are getting back up there again.

  2. I understand rule # 1 all too well these days!!

    Love the puppy pics. They are ready for more walks :)

  3. Dang that dumb #1 rule. I always think I must test it repeatedly and I never win!

    Glad you're feeling perkier this week and hope the streak continues. Glad the puppies will get more exercise this week, too...they look mad at you for not walking them much!

  4. Excellent advice! I agree - esp. heart rate training. It never fails, if I push too much - and repeatedly push the old ticker - rule #1 smacks me in the face! Glad to hear your energy levels are on the rise!

  5. I often sing out loud when I'm running, and then woder why I'm so out of breath. I've never had a workman or anyone else wolf whistle at me though... :(

    Great to hear you're continuing to get stronger!

  6. Some rules are not there to be broken. Hang in there, you are doing very well.

  7. We have always something to learn. Glad you have your rules to follow.
    I never follow mine and I often get into the troubles.
    You have wonderful dogs!

  8. I so love reading your blog.

    #3......need to do number three.

    YAY energy levels on the up & up!

    Love the photos!

  9. So glad you are working back up to where you want to be. And yes, follow the rules. The thought of you getting tasered is scary - don't.

  10. Oh look at your dogs! They are sweet and so glad you are going to be less busy!

  11. Hooray for a great week! Sounds like you've learned what you need to do to stay out of the danger zone.
    Very, very cute doggies!
    We're still agonizing over ice show duet costumes here. Boo. So hard when another mom is involved.

  12. Your dogs look sweet. Keep up the good work and I know you'll get to where you want to be!


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