Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympic Daydreams.

I've been a very diligent puppy mummy lately. Nearly every afternoon Toby and I go for a walk. It takes us about 45 minutes and ends with us on the school oval next to our house. And usually when we get to this point we run as fast as we can - tongues and ears flapping in the breeze, all full of puppy joy.

On Friday we got to this point and I decided to channel my inner Allyson Felix. Seriously, that girl has to be the prettiest runner at the Olympics. I'm not talking about her face, I'm talking about form. Long strides that look effortless. A back kick that gives it's own encouragement. My form is nothing like that - but a girl can dream.

I told Toby that we were going to sprint and he was ready. My head took me to the finishing straight of the 200. It was me and my dog in lane seven and we were pulling away from all the other runners. We were getting faster and faster and had a clear lead ... and then something happened - let's just call it a legacy from having three children. Way to come down to earth - not an Olympic sprinter, just a pre-menopausal mother! But it did leave me wondering if that's ever happened at the Olympics. Clean up in aisle three!!

Yes, it's still all about the Olympics for just tiny bit longer. I had a really enjoyable night the other night watching the diving. It was the men's 10m platform and it's an event filled with suspense. Will they hit their feet on the platform (yes, a couple did)? Will they his their heads (no one did thank goodness)? And will anyone lose their precariously positioned bathers?

I spent a while discussing optimal swimming costume height with Iven. Personally I like them so the whole gluteal is covered and there is no hint of plumber's crack but boys these days like to wear their costumes low. I also looked with my professional eye at how the pattern on the costume could enhance or disguise the wearers 'package.' And I must emphasise that I did this in a purely professional context!

There was one diver who had a particularly low-cut pair of togs and I watched with interest as he placed his hands on the diving platform and lifted himself slowly into a handstand position. And it was at this point I heard the TV commentator say "if he falls out, he'll lose a lot of points."

Immediately I thought - depends on who's judging. If they're a group of judges who've been reading 50  Shades of Grey during their lunch break he might get a few bonus points, especially if he points his toes. Then I realised that he meant if the diver falls out of the handstand. Perfectly understandable mistake if you ask me.

Ahh, I'm going to miss the Olympics.


  1. And I am going to miss your professional commentary on it!

    I'm with you on Allyson Felix - love watching her run too!

  2. Ha, ha! So true! My son also asked about the size of those suits, as in "why do they have to wear such small suits?" I could personally do without seeing 100% of their hip bones protruding.

    I'm sure you had people mistaking you for Allyson at the track. ; )

  3. You are too funny, Char! I hope you will continue to give us "sports updates" throughout the year. Nothing like a good costume commentary :)

  4. Me too...But for a different reason :~)
    Can't wait for Rio - Been there...Awesome place.

  5. Indeed I prefer other kind of pics but I can forgive you.....
    However another funny post. You always make me laugh.
    Because of my injury I have spent 2 weeks watching Olympics by tv.
    And now we are ready for the 4 Nations Tournament!

  6. I totally went where you did when you said if he falls out!
    I could just picture Toby running with you in that sprint!

  7. We also got some interesting commentary from the couch during the diving events. I must say I enjoyed the Olympics this year as it seems did everyone else. London did a great job. My favourite moment was the men's 800m world record.

  8. Allyson Felix was awesome - so was the 400m runner Sandy someone who had a hyphenated name. Just a pleasure to watch :)

  9. LOL :) I love are hilarious. PS: I was just reading my SECOND ever post and you commented on it. Because my new friend at the times name was also Char, I really had no idea you'd been reading me since I started. Just wanted to say thanks for always supporting me and sending me words of encouragement :)

    .....not to mention posting about guy falling out of their suits ;) lol

  10. I'm still deciding what I'd need to even do a cannonball off that platform. Did you see the Chinese guy come within a hair of hitting his head? The Caveman insists their suits are taped to stay put. Hmmm...

  11. Char, you're hilarious on the diver's remarks:) I had no idea you have a blog! And you make cupcakes!


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