Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Reason Why I run

I bought a packet of almond M&Ms a week ago. They were on sale and, never able to resist a bargain, I had to throw them in my grocery trolley. Then I paid for them, took them home and stashed them up in the pantry for a weak moment.

The weak moment came on Wednesday. I still was suffering from the last lingering effects of my cold - alternating blocked and runny nose and unfriendly sinuses. I was tired from the run that I'd done the day before which I probably shouldn't have done because the cold was lingering. And I was bored - and that was probably the real reason that I had the weak moment. I'd been cutting out costumes for body-builders and was onto about my fiftieth pair of posing trunks. And my brain was slowly rotting on the inside from a constant diet of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice because I'd forgotten to set up the work room recorder for the Olympics. I needed a little pick-me-up!

Well that's how I justified opening the packet. I'd have just a couple to get me through a slump. I went upstairs to the kitchen and found those luscious little balls of deliciousness. The bag entered a very futile resistance to my trembling fingers - oh, yes I like them just that much. And I tipped five into my hand. Toby's pleading eyes were the only ones to witness my little food indiscretion and I saw no condemnation there. Only envy.

I took my five little M&Ms downstairs and savoured them before cutting out yet another pair of posing trunks. The five little morsels hadn't really filled the hole that boredom had created and their sweet sugary goodness had only enticed me to partake again. So upstairs I trotted - taking the steps two at a time because it's kind of like working them off before you eat them. Or it might be if I had a set of stairs that went the height of a 50 storey building.

This time I tipped about ten into my hand. And walked back downstairs to enjoy them.

I was back upstairs before fifteen minutes were out with Toby now starting to look quizzical (like he had when Sam had farted on the bed). And then I was back about fifteen minutes after that. And each trip I seemed to get a slightly bigger hand full. On the last trip there weren't that many left so I just took the rest of the bag. I tipped them onto the work table and they were gone too soon. Then I hid the empty bag at the bottom of my bin, covered with little shreds of shiny emerald, royal and flaming red. And I was still bored but this time it was tinged with a little food regret. So I vowed that I wouldn't weaken again even if they were a ridiculous, incredible bargain.

Yesterday I went back down to work and I found one lone almond M&M on my work table that had tried to escape destruction. So I ate it - and I wanted more.

And this is another reason why I run.


  1. Think of the exercise you got walking up and down those stairs!!!

    Call it even I say.

  2. You are certainly not the only runner who does it for the food!

  3. Very funny and I can also relate. I always remember the answer to a question about eating and drinking on an ultra running forum: "eat like a pig and drink like a fish".

  4. Ooooh, yum! I think I better go get me some almonds m&m's! And what exactly are posing trunks? :)

    1. They're what male bodybuilders wear for competition.

  5. I'd be doing the same thing. At least you did plenty of work on the stairs for them!

  6. I love how I just read an entire post about eating candy and you managed suck me in and entertain me. :) As with all your writing...a window into your life. Fun spending time with you. :) You always paint a picture with your words...even if you're just writing about eating candy. Ha! And I can totally picture your dog's quizzical look....especially when trying to figure out a fart for the first time...ha ha!

  7. M+Ms are my favorite candy bar none. I have now discovered mint dark chocolate M+Ms that are CRACK. I could probably resist them- ha ha - but my husband keeps asking me to buy them. We each have our own bag (big ones) and his lasts much longer than mine. The control he has!!!

  8. haha! that's so funny!! a few weeks ago hubs and i bought a big back of peanut m&ms...not the huge costco size bag, but big enuf. within the night the bag was almost all gone and the next morning, none left as i had some for breakfast. and yes, i'm with you...this is definitely the reason why i run!!!

  9. Ditto! I run to eat as well. It's never as fun to eat ice cream or candy when you haven't "worked it off" in some way. But it's always fun to reward yourself with something like that

  10. Great post! We, runners, can always choose to eat those little balls :)

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  12. You've hit the nail on the head, we don't really run to get fast or to train for that marathon... it's really so we can eat chocolate!!!


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