Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pieces of My Life

Pieces of my life.

- Luke and his girlfriend Becky went to the Ekka on Wednesday. The Ekka is basically the equivalent of a state fair, I think. I used to love going as a child but as an adult I'm happy for the kids to go without me. They turned up late in the evening with their arms full of loot that they'd bought and won. Luke had managed to win two giant stuffed toys - one was a hedgehog and the other was like a giant purple My Little Pony.

Toby was not a happy camper. There was something quite terrifying about that pony. His hackles went up and he backed away quickly and all of a sudden he was on my lap. And that's where he stayed until the pony was removed. What a Mummy's boy!! I don't think that he's going to make much of a guard dog.

- Running is still a bit of a struggle. I know I can't expect too much because everything I've read says that it'll take time and I'll have set-backs. I'd count having the flu followed by a cold counts as a set-back so I'm pleased that things aren't as bad as they were at the beginning of the year. Yesterday the plan was to do a very slow 8-10k. I started the run by walking into a door (It's still pretty dark at 5:30am) and finished with a dog sitting on my head ( I haven't found a safe place to do my stretches yet - Toby does love to be close to me). Luckily the bit in the middle - the actual running bit - wasn't too bad. I managed to keep a low, for me, heart rate so I'll take count that as a success.

- And talking about successes ... 

Thanks to Pinterest for the new cupcake idea. One of the men in the squad asked me not to put any more cake pics on Facebook because he's trying to clean up his diet. Silly Chris! He obviously didn't realise that asking that was like asking me to put up pictures of my most decadent, enticing cakes. I'm contrary like that.

- Our hens stopped laying. I know they don't lay for ever and I know we'd basically caused them to become osteoporotic by feeding them low-calcium food (and by we I mean Iven). I thought they'd gone into menopause. They were a little moody - you couldn't look at them sideways without them getting into a flap. And I was sure I saw one of the hens fanning the other through a hot flush. But apparently they'd just been having a laying hiatus and they've come back with a vengeance. They're laying eggs so big that I can't get the egg container to close. The egg on the right is a normal, bought-from-the-shop extra large egg. The one on the left is just showing off.

I hope everyone has a great weekend filled with family, friends and little fitness too :-)


  1. That purple pony is pretty scary, I don't blame Toby at all for being afraid. But he does continue to make me laugh :).

    So, if I tell you to post tons of cupcakes, you'll stop posting pictures, right? Cuz honestly, I'm just drooling over that latest contraption and think I gained 9 lbs just looking at it! :)

    Your chickens ROCK!!!

  2. Gosh, Toby looks huge in that picture! Glad the running went well - and the chickens are laying again, hooray!

  3. No picture of the pony or the hedgehog, my Peanut Boy (a jack Russel) would have loved the toys, didn't he win them for Toby?

  4. My runs are hard going too at the moment! I blame the heat!

  5. I bet Toby will give his life for you if he needs to one day. I think a purple pony will scare me too. Your cupcakes always make me hungry...always! That is a huge egg! Have a super weekend!

  6. I think a menopausal hen could be quite scary! ; )

    So I don't think Toby will be taking up guard dog duty any time soon, huh? My dog is like that, too, and that's what makes them sweet.

    I cannot look at those cupcakes, either!

  7. Those cupcakes look absolutely fantastic!! yum!! :)
    Wow!! Those hens sure do know how to show off! That egg is huge!! lol

  8. Wow - nice job hens! Sounds as though the running is going well, considering your setbacks. Keep at it!

  9. I want cupcakes! I want cupcakes! I want cupcakes! And Toby :) He is just too cute! Glad you had a pretty good run, Char. Have a great weekend!

  10. Toby does look huge. How funny that he was scared of the stuffed pony! All of your cupcakes look so so good.
    Who eats them all?

  11. I wish I could win something cool line an enormous stuffed pony!

    Char - words can't adequately describe how amazing your cupcakes look. You definitely have a gift. Oh how I wish I was your next door neighbor.

  12. I haven't seen that idea for cupcakes before. Love it. Those would be the talk of the party.

    Walking into a door? I'll leave that one alone.

    Glad you could tough it out and run. Keep it up.

  13. Nice picture of you with Toby. Great to hear you running is improving.
    Fantastic cupcakes ... as always! I'd like to have them at breakfast.

    Have a nice weekend!


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