Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stacks of Inspiration, Guilt and Colour

 A little while back I was forced to do some spot decorating - to cover a little naughty carpet tearing by Toby. I was pretty happy with the results - mostly because they've stopped Toby from destroying any more carpet and they've allowed me a place to send subliminal messages of encouragement to my family. In fact the messages were so subliminal, not even I knew I was doing it. The chalk board is just opposite the toilet and can be read and mulled over when you've felt the call of nature and yet forgotten that we actually don't live in the great outdoors and we do have a toilet door.

I've been putting up quotes that inspired me and hoped would in inspire the rest of the family. Stuff like this ...

and this ...

But this is the one that caused a little consternation with some members of the family.

Apparently Luke thought I'd put this one up just for him. But Iven was sure I'd pointed it squarely at him. All I can say is that it's nice to know that they're aware of their own shortcomings and it's nice to know that I can inspire and guilt people with a little piece of chalk. Ahh the power of words.


I took Friday off work again. It's awesome having your own business sometimes. But having the day off didn't mean that I did nothing. It just meant that I did nothing that could earn me money. I spent hours working on the biggest, most impractical cake that I've ever made just to see if I could do it.

Layer cakes are all the rage at the moment and I just happened to have 5 cake tins that were all the same size. And I had a box of AmeriColor Gel Paste food colours. And I was feeling a little nostalgic for the fluoro 80s. 

Bright enough?

My cake stack did have a little list but nothing bad enough to cause structural failure

It was a great opportunity to practice rose swirls

The finished product. Can you tell that I love colour??

It was just a plain vanilla cake and this did disappoint some members (Josh) of the household. BUT his comments have inspired me to make another layer cake. I'm thinking just three layers - chocolate, caramel and coffee layered with white chocolate ganache and iced with the double swirl choc/white choc cream cheese frosting. Unfortunately I won't be able to make this one until the other's gone. Can I wait that long??


  1. that is one seriously impressive cake - as are the colours - which I didn't know existed until now :)

  2. Love the idea of multi-flavour layers, but the rainbow cake is super pretty. I did one for my friend last year. It was great fun.

  3. Love the idea of multi-flavour layers, but the rainbow cake is super pretty. I did one for my friend last year. It was great fun.

  4. I love that several of your kids thought that message was especially for them! That says a lot, doesn't it?!

    Great cake by the way!

  5. You are an artist. Those cakes look not only delicious but also very very beautiful.
    I saw something of similar in some shops in Brussels but yours are better.

  6. The white exterior looks so innocent, until you cut into it, gorgeous! Ill be happy to taste test the chocolate/caramel/mocha one as well... : )

  7. That cake is incredibly beautiful - inside and out. LOVE it!

  8. Kids would love all those colors! Love them.
    Love your quotes and how everyone thinks they're aimed toward them.

  9. cool cake! the choco/caramel/coffee one sounds to die for...seriously, your family are the luckiest people EVER!!!! lol!!

  10. I love your hand writing... if I tried that it would look like a fly walked over the board!!!

    Next time I'm in the erea I'm popping in for cake...

  11. I showed the cake pictures on FB to my oldest son who is an aspiring baker (as long as he doesn't have to clean up the kitchen afterwards which means I don't really encourage it much) - he thought it was really cool!

    and - I need to get a chalkboard for my bathroom, stat!

  12. That cake is making me drool.
    And I'm a quote lover.
    Huge power in a good quote. May have to steal this idea.

  13. Thank goodness I'm back in LA where I can just go around the corner to get a delicious cupcake every time I read your blog (you were killing me while I was in Texas!). That cake looks delicious!

    Love the quotes. I'm always pasting notes to mirrors and it drives my family to distraction :)


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