Thursday, January 3, 2013

Clean? I DON"T Clean!

Gasps resonated around the world yesterday when I posted about not messing up my new iPhone. And I'm expecting even louder gasps of astonishment and amazement today. But first I have to give you a bit of background information.

Some long term readers may remember me mentioning casually how much I hate, detest, despise, loath and abhor housework. Yes, I know I claim to be a domestic goddess but that only applies to sewing and baking. Goddesses get to choose what they're good at. I like to do stuff that gives me satisfaction when I've finished - and making stuff gives me that kind of satisfaction. Baking especially gives satisfaction even before I've finished - the kind of satisfaction that causes a sugar coma. (Maybe I should have made one of my New Year's resolution to STOP licking the spoon, beater and my fingers when I bake).

To keep domestic harmony, I've had a cleaning lady come once a week. I figure if I'm working and Iven's working why should I be the one who has to clean as well? But my cleaning lady, Evelyn, always has holidays around Christmas which means I have a decision to make. Either I live in squalor for a few weeks (and believe me this is what I opt for most years) or I suck it up, put on my French maid's costume and pull out the feather duster.

This is the last week before she comes back and I want to tell the entire world that I have cleaned every single one of the weeks that she was away. Is your mind blown yet??

But I have to admit that I've really only cleaned one room in our house every week. And I've done it for entirely selfish reasons.


Golden Retrievers have many fine traits as pets but they are terrible shedders. And of course they shed when it's hot. But when it's hot I come home from my runs like this ...

And after I've stretched on the lounge room floor I look a lot like this ...

I don't want every one blaming the fact that I'm on the 'roids for my new hirsute look so I did what I had to do. 

I miss Evelyn!

I've now been on treatment for five weeks and I can't believe how good I feel some days. I'm not feeling good every day but more and more often I'm feeling normal. I can't explain just how wonderful it feels to feel normal. I've had four days this week feeling great. And by great I mean that I'm not feeling nauseated all morning. I don't need to have a nap. And I'm recovering from my runs (the runs themselves are still slogging along but it's reassuring to know that if I push myself I may feel tired that day but I'll feel okay the next - not tired for the following few days). 

I ran 15k yesterday. I'd chatted with Coach Chris about my program. The one he gave me for this four week block was minimalist. Only three sessions a week BUT I have permission to add a fourth when I'm feeling up to it. And I have permission to stretch out my long run as I recover. The problem is that when I'm with the group on Saturday I tend to run just a little faster than when I'm running alone. And when I run alone I don't feel so bad if I have to resort to occasional walk breaks. So until I get a bit more confident I'll be making my Thursday run the longer one. 

That's brought you up to date with my progress and this video will bring you up to date with Toby's. 

I think we need a whole lot more practice.


  1. I hate to clean, too, and I don't have an Evelyn, which is really, really, really sad *sigh*. I also don't have a Toby to shed (but I have a Patrick the cat, who likes to shed some :)), I think 2 teenage boys are pretty bad in the mess department.

    So glad your running's going well and you're feeling stronger. I know you'll get that 4th running day here soon :).

  2. I lived (and still live) alone... but when I was working I had a cleaner. She only came once a fortnight for 2hrs but she did the crap I hate doing. (All of the floors and the bathrooms!)

    Now - I have no job and have downsized I can't justify a cleaner and it kills me!

  3. We have dark brown furniture with Jack, our chocolate lab, so that camouflages a lot of the hair. Toby's da man! Great trick ... 'atsa good boy!

  4. Good to hear the running is going well and you know yourself well enough to modify your schedule as necessary.

  5. I'm the same way about cleaning - it's just going to get dirty again. I don't mind cleaning the kitchen (in fact I enjoy that) but that is the extent of it. My philosophy is a little dust never hurt anyone - I just like everything picked up and put in it's place. It helps that we don't have pets (especially since I don't have an Evelyn!!).
    Love the sweat and dog hair!!

  6. Well, what ever gets you motivated I always say!

  7. Toby is such a smart pup! I'm very impressed :) no dog I've ever had would have had the self control to wait to eat the treat haha
    I'm so, so happy you are feeling much better and that your running is going well!

  8. I have a cleaning lady who comes every other week and has for years. Best money I spend. It allows me to race and run and do what I want on the weekends.

  9. Oh goodness do I hear you on the cleaning thing; its the one thing I hang on to as long as possible is my cleaner, in tough financial times I will give up a lot of other things but my cleaner I need to keep ... its how I'm still married I think ;-)

  10. I'm too much of a control freak to have a cleaner, but I do wish my husband and kids would just put their stuff away more often... sigh...

    Glad you are feeling good. It sounds as though you are running well at the moment!


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