Monday, January 30, 2012

Doctor's Visit #1

I finally go to see the doctor yesterday. At this point I'd like to say that I have the MOST wonderful son in the world. He knew that I wasn't comfortable driving into the city in peak hour when I don't know where I'm going, so he volunteered to drive me in to save me the stress. He's so incredibly thoughtful.

The doctor's visit went as I'd suspected except for one small detail. My doctor's name is Young so I'd imagined him to be in his 30s. He was probably around 50 so he wasn't exactly old - just not quite as his name had suggested. I gave him an overview of what's wrong and I hope I've given him all the relevant information. He asked a lot of questions, did a bit of poking and prodding and wrote out a pathology request form. I really hope that my blood will hold the answers. He told me that Overtraining Syndrome is pretty unusual but my symptoms were consistent with it. He also mentioned Chronic Fatigue but was reluctant to call it that either. I am a bit of a medical enigma - a woman of mystery and intrigue.

I have to see him in a fortnight and in the meantime I'm allowed to go for little walks with my dog (or without) and do some yoga but nothing else. He was a little reluctant to let me do the walks but decided that they could provide him with information. I have to take my pulse before getting up every morning and document how I'm feeling.

I've already failed at the morning pulse-taking. I'd decided that I was going to walk where my squad has speed session and so I'd set my alarm for 4:50am. But I'd woken up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep for a while so when it got to 4:50 I was in the middle of a dream where I was running late for the session.  I couldn't wake up enough to hit the snooze button and by the time I found it I was a lather of sweat and pumping adrenalin so I decided that this morning's pulse wouldn't really give any accurate information. I'll start the pulse taking thing tomorrow.

I almost talked myself out of going today. It seemed like it was a little pointless because I'd only get to see everyone for a few minutes at the beginning and at the end. But I had a cake to deliver AND I was having breakfast after so I did go. And it was anything but pointless. I got to chat with a few people before they took off. I walked through the group while they were doing their reps and got to say hello to a lot. A few slowed right down in their recoveries to talk and at the end one of the girls walked back to the car park with me. I was included even if I couldn't do what everyone else was doing. Sometimes I think we have the nicest group in the world (but I actually know that it's the running community in general).

I don't think it's going to be too hard surviving the next fortnight of not running - I'll have my Tuesdays and Saturdays (if I can kick myself out of bed) to keep me going. And I know I've got a huge cheer squad out there all rooting for me to get better and get out there running again. I am blessed.

I'm needing to hear a lot of positive stuff lately so I'd love to hear how you've been blessed lately. What's the positive things that have made you smile today?


  1. I hope doc will find the answer for you and fast!

    My smiles today? I think the biggest one was chatting with a homeless guy and petting his dog. This guy is a regular at small shopping center I bike to. I have not seen him for months so I was wondering what had happened to him but apparently nothing, really. He just spent his time somewhere else.
    Another smile? Good bike ride.
    And another one, a long talk with a friend I haven't talked to in ages. Darn emails and texts seem to make us all mute.

    Hugs to you. Lots and lots of hugs.

  2. KUDOS for getting out of bed at that hour to meet up with the group - staying in touch with everyone will surely save your sanity during this 'fortnight' whatever that means. hehe. Two weeks, is it?? My father-in-law uses the term sometimes (British) but I always have to ask.

    I hope you get some answers & resolution SOOOOON!

  3. My wonderful doctor made me smile today. She is neither young or old, just wonderful.

    Also I bought tickets to a play some students are in and I'm taking my foster grandmother who works in my class. That is her job title, we are not related. She is thrilled and I loved being able to give her something to look forward to.

  4. Ahhh, you are going to get these answers you so need and things will soon get back to your old self. I am rooting big time for you, girl!!

    A smile for me today was making a dr appt for my daughter to get some much needed relief for her AND I went to Pilates and actually "felt" my abs cringing. That's a good thing, I hear. :)

    Big hugs to you!!!

  5. Fingers crossed that you get an answer quickly and that it's easily fixable.

    Something good? Both boys managed to make it through the school day and I survived the dentist LOL. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be perfect for my long run!

  6. I hope Dr. Not So Young will be able to use his years of experience to figure out what is going on!

    Taking a walk in the snow made me smile yesterday!

  7. Fingers crossed you get some more answers at the next appointment Char! It sounds good that he asked lots of questions and has asked you to keep a little diary...they could all shed some clues! Also top effort for going this morning, it sounded as though it definitely paid off!

    My smile for today was having a coffee with a friend (you know how much I love that!) and chatting about our upcoming little getaway :) XO

  8. are you in England???? what's with this fortnight talk lol that's 2 weeks right?? and pathology lab!!!!!! that doesn't surprise me that the "young" dr. young thinks your fatigue may be a gross as they are it would be awesome if that was the cse, b/c they could just kill them and you'd be feeling great again.

    Big hugs your way. Being positive all the time is over-rated....the next post I want it ALL to come out ;)

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  10. Reading the joke below made me smile last Monday. I've read that while a husband and wife, both 60 years old, were celebrating their 35th anniversary a fairy appeared to congratulate them and grant them each one wish. The wife wanted to travel around the world. So, all of a sudden, the fairy gave her tickets for a world cruise.
    Next the fairy asked the husband what he wanted. He said "I wish I had a wife 30 years younger than me". So the fairy picked up her wand and then, all of a sudden, the husband was 90.

    Your son is really great! Anyway, I hope the doctor will give you the a good answer soon!

  11. What a great son you have. Today's smile - Reading your post and knowing my son exhibits the same traits.

  12. Great idea to walk with your running group. It's definitely true that runners are, in general, some of the nicest people on the planet.

    My daughter makes me smile a lot at the moment - she is so happy most of the time, and skips around singing and humming, playing with her soft toys and giggling to herself. I could learn a lot from her about attitude to life!

  13. So sorry you are dealing with this. I hope there is a simple fix and that you have answers soon.

    My smiles right now are from my running friends. Every day I recognize how blessed I am to have them in my life.

  14. I too hope your issues are identified and easily correctable.

    My smile this morning was the realization that I "could" ride my bike for the morning workout since it was warm enough with little wind. True, there was ground fog limiting visibility to about a 1/4 mile, but the ride pre-dawn was all still and peaceful with no cars or people. Loved it !

  15. I hope the doc gives you a diagnosis that is easily remedied!
    Good news: It was 56*F (13.3*C) today, February 1st! And so far, we have not had any major ice or snow storms. These are idyllic winter conditions for a runner in these parts!

  16. I'll walk back with you anytime, Fi x :)

  17. I hope you have found the right doctor.
    The positive things? On saturday the 6 Nations tournments of rugby begins ..... I have a subscription for both the matches in Italy and the tickets for Wales-Italy.

  18. You are such a good sport for meeting up with your run buddies! I'm praying you get an answer that is easily fixable and you are up and running again soon!


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