Monday, January 16, 2012

I want to yell, scream and shout, kick my heels on the floor in frustration and throw a major tantrum. Ever since I had my ultrasound I've been really struggling with my running. I had to walk after 11k on my Saturday long run and even though we were only travelling at 6 min/k my heart rate was over 170. Today's speed session had my heart rate up that high just in the warm up. The session was mile reps and I managed a whole one and it was awful. Six minute pace and a heart rate of up to 183. I stopped after the one rep - it was pretty pointless continuing and just felt sick. Didn't know if I was going to throw up, have diarrhoea or faint.

So today I'm calling a sports med doctor. I won't be going back to the one I saw last year - wasn't totally happy with him. I've been recommended one by three different sources so I'm hoping he has time to fit me in in the not-to-distant future. I need answers and I need a plan. I'm not ready to be a walker yet!

Anyway, that's enough for the whining portion of today's post. I've been baking again. My sister and Mum found me the most amazing cupcake cookbook and I've been inspired. I've also had a few birthdays at the squad. One of the girls has Coeliac's Disease so the challenge was to make a gluten-free cake. I'd just seen a recipe, chocolate and lime flourless cake, so Jenni got to be my guinea pig. I'm not sure that I got the timing right, getting it out of the oven - it sank a bit. But a little extra icing can hide a multitude of sins.
 Then the weekend came and the lure of the new cookbook was too great. Cookie dough cupcakes anyone? It was a three step recipe. First make the cookie dough (mmm, choc chip). Then make the cakes and let them cool. Then gouge a hole in the cakes and fill them with cookie dough and then make and pipe on the icing. The icing was something really different - it had flour and salt in it and, yes, it did taste a bit like cookie dough.

Then finally, I needed another couple of birthday cakes for today's session. I was feeling a little lazy so I went with my usual caramel mud recipe. But it was the decorations that really made the cake. A little tower of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a drizzle of chocolate.

Drizzling the chocolate can be a messy business so it's just as well I always have some willing helpers to help with the cleaning up.

Has anyone else had issues with overtraining syndrome? I'd love to hear other people's stories!


  1. MOre in a bit since I'm really supposed to be out there running but I can so relate to these feelings. I experienced this overtraining thing on top of a groin strain last spring when training for my marathon. It was so frustrating to not be experiencing results and improvement. All I wanted to do was sleep. I thought I had anemia or other issues. I even went to the doc for blood tests. It just came down to me needing to back off and take a few days off. And then I was back again. So glad you have your beautiful baking inspire me...not to bake since I am no good at that...but to be passionate about things I love. Writing, journaling, being creative in some way...these are my baking. :) And still waiting for one of your baked goods in the you think it would make it?? :) Hang in there Char.

  2. I am so sorry about your running/health frustrations. I truly hope you wil get some answers and soon.
    As for your cupcakes... I am drooling here!!! Now do realize that I am not a desert person. I crave salty things but your creations - I bet I dream about them at night.
    Char, I hope you will find some calm soon. Hugs, girl!

  3. I hope you get some answers soon too.

    Icing can hide a multitude of sins and make the eater very happy! Keep posting the pics so I can eat them vicariously.

  4. yucko! I hope your new doctor is one you like better and can find the answers you seek with your training. I'm in a huge slump myself and just so stinking tired and blah. I think some of it may *gasp* be age, and some just other garbage...and I am finding I cannot log the number of miles I once could. Maybe in time, but not right now. So hang in there, girl...I hope you find those answers soon. In the meantime, crank up that mixer and enjoy the new cookbook and if you ever find a way to ship those things overnight to the US, please consider me a taste tester for you :).

  5. Good luck with the sports med doc! Certainly not top on the list of fun places to hang out.

    Cookie dough cup cakes? You seriously have to be kidding me. That combines my two greatest loves. You certainly have a gift. Oh how I wish I were your next door neighbor!

  6. Damn those cupcakes look good. I can't wait until my birthday. You should probably start looking for an airless container to ship them in right now!

  7. Oh, I hope the new doc can help you out - sounds so frustrating!

  8. Sorry to hear about your running ot going so well. I hope the new Doc can give you some helpful answers. Maybe if you pay him in cupcakes he'll have a great incentive?

  9. ummmm I had no idea you were a cupcake lover like me :) yours put mine to shame....although you should check out my halloween ones one day - they were my best to date! I made coca cola ones for Colin's bday. I love how professional yours look! gotta love that 1M tip ;)

  10. OH Char! I just got your comment on the blog! What a mess we are.

    Can I suggest Aqua Jogging is NOT a way to stay sane BUT it will keep your running muscles toned so you can come back? So, take that information as you will. I hate "slogging", but the elites in my life keep assuring me it's the way to go.

    Also, I think you're doing the right thing by finding a sports MD that you feel comfortable using. I had a guy a few years ago who didn't listen to a thing I said... made me crazy.

    Right now I would say to row, cycle, & swim if possible and see how your HR responds to that.

    BTW - the cupcakes... wow. yeah. uh huh.

  11. Sorry to hear about your feelings, Char! I hope that things will change soon!

    The three step recipe and the ferrero rocher tower are both interesting. In winter I love h chocolate cakes.

  12. Thanks for the follow! Sorry to hear about the injury. Hopefully a little time off will help and you can get back out there soon. Your desserts look amazing. Between your baking and photography skills I am very impressed!!

  13. keep at 'er and good for you for being persistent and trying to find out what's up. you'll find the answer and then you can get a plan to get back to your usual running self! are an amazing baker!!!

  14. Those treats look sooooo good!

    Sorry to hear about the ongoing struggles. I hope a good doc can help you get to the bottom of it. There's a lot more running to be done yet!

  15. I don't struggle with resting as much as I struggle with putting in the longer miles. As much as I enjoy running, I'm not a fast runner and it takes a lot of time for me to get in longer runs, and sometimes my slowness becomes an excuse not to go as far. I'm also an every-other-day type of runner because that's what my body tells me. When I tried to be an every-day runner, my body threw tantrums until I talked to someone who suggested I try every other day instead, and my body has thanked me ever since. I probably won't get much faster because of that, but I think I can at least stay consistent.

  16. Sorry for your running: I hope you get well soon.
    Those cupcakes look delicious and are real masterpieces!
    I love the chocolate ......


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