Thursday, January 26, 2012

Resisting The Urge

We had a brief reprieve from the rain yesterday - just enough to let the sun attempt to come out and steam us like a sauna. And of course, because it wasn't raining, I felt the pull of the run. So I walked instead. Bubbles is loving that I can't run. All these extra longer walks that she's getting are doggy heaven. Actually, they're more run than walk for her. Her legs are only about 6 inches long so they have to go double time just to keep up with my slow walk. There's one thing, though, that just doesn't add up with her. If her legs are only 6 inches long, how does she manage to pee 8 inches up from the base of the tree? And why does she pee like a boy (leg cocked) but Nelson (our male dog) pees like a girl? There's a double case of canine gender confusion in our house.

Bubbles Recovering From Our Walk

While we were out walking I saw a girl running with her dog. It looked so effortless and full of joy and I was immediately filled with such envy and frustration. I want to run and I want to run with joy. Unfortunately the only way I'm going to do that is to take the time to recover now. Patience can be such a hard virtue to learn and re-learn.

Focussing on the frustration is not productive so I'm trying to focus on positives.
- Bubbles is loving her walks.
- Her extra walks mean that I'm not having to clip her nails as often.
- I get to stay up late and watch the tennis without consequences the next day.
- There is less smelly washing.
- My hair is staying neater.
- I've got a great excuse to have a nap if I'm tired.
- There's only a couple more days till I get to see the doctor and, hopefully, get some direction.
- There's more time to bake cupcakes.

I've been watching The Biggest Loser, which started last Sunday, and once again I am amazed by the lack of discipline and the level of self-indulgence in some people's lives. Some of these people have never pushed themselves out of their comfort zones in their entire life and continue on self-destructive patterns even though it's making themselves miserable. I never thought I was particularly disciplined but apparently I am. In fact, I'm so disciplined that I don't know how to back off and just chill when I need to.

And to change topics totally - I've been in tears all morning over a thread on Facebook. That's tears of laughter. Someone had the bright idea of getting people to describe their last bowel movement in terms of a movie title. And I still have my 4 year old sense of humour -

The Great Escape
Blazing Saddles
A Cry in The Dark
The Scream
Black Hawk Down
Gone in 60 Seconds
The Long Goodbye

Can you think of any others?


  1. Bahahaha. Hmmm, since I'm usually still moving (I don't even slow down to poop) I guess maybe Dirty Dancing. Or If we were going with song titles...Drop it like it's hot. Or maybe Stella was really constipated for a week and then after her poop...How Stella Got Her Groove Back (okay, that isn't a very popular movie). What about REdemption or Gladiator. ha ha. Too fun. I could go on and on. When it is a public restroom and Sam is trying to escape the stall my movie would be Stand By Me. ha ha.

    Hang in there Girl. You'll be running in no time if you keep being smart. :) Way to focus on the positives!

  2. good on ya for focussing on the positives. isn't it weird, when you're healthy it's so easy to blow off runs...but then when you're injured you'd give anything to run! you'll get there, i know it!

  3. It's so hard when you can't run. Nice that you can watch the tennis though. None of it has been televised here (except on expensive channels we don't have), but they are showing the semis and final. I'm watching Andy Murray right now. 1st set not looking good...

  4. ...2nd set much better. 3rd could go either way so far. I love tennis.

  5. Love your positives. Keeping hair cleaner is the big bonus of not running but I do feel your impatience.

  6. Wow. Bubbles knows how to recover.
    Love it!!
    Love your positive attitude. So great!

    Cool Running
    Charlie & the chocolate factory
    The green mile

  7. Yay for EMZ! I was hoping someone else would come through with movie titles! The Green Mile! bahaha

  8. Great to hear about your sense of humour! keep your positive attitude :)
    I'm sorry I'm not a facebooker, Char.

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Why aren't we friends on FB?
    Oh I am wanting some of your cupcakes!!
    Your lucky lucky friends and family.

  10. Oh that sucks :( but good for focusing on the pos! however, we all know not running sucks so vent away! and next time yell at that happy running girl with her dog :P - that's me! I actually will confess whenever a car passes me or someone walking I actually try harder to look like running is the best time ever so maybe it will inspire them, or at a bare minimum make them believe I love running at ALL times and weather conditions and that I must be hardcore.

    Bubbles is so cool. I wish I could pee like a guy ;)

  11. I agree - it's hard to back off. I always push. You're right to stay optimistic - It's funny, I just posted a blog about optimism! As far as the poops, I got Crohn's - so, I can go on & on - literally, I can go on & on! :D

  12. Neater hair is always a big plus. I'm not sure mine is ever neat. I'm so glad you haven't lost your sense of humor. This overtraining issue fascinates me. I suspect ive been flirting with it for over a year now, although my doc calls it peri menopause, I do feel lots better when I take a vitamin D supplement. Have you had your levels checked?

  13. Dog walks can be very therapeutic can't they?

    Now for our bowel movement pleasure...

    I'm thinking the "Usual Suspects" (for the every day kind) and "Grease" for the ones that aren't so wonderful...

  14. Oh no, what is Bubbles going to do when you are back to your running? Good on you for focussing on the positives with this, though!


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