Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An ADD Blog (Or More Scattered Bits of Randomness)

Before I start I'd just like to say that yes, those were really pyjamas that Sam's wearing. If any of you watch How I Met Your Mother you might recognise them from Barney's wardrobe. Sam decided that he too would like to be as cool as Barney. I personally think he's managed to achieve what he wanted. (but I'm his Mother so I may be biased)

The weather has been incredibly kind to me. It's been so stinking hot and humid that I ALMOST didn't envy the squad heading out to do their speed session yesterday. 24C/75F with a 'feels like' temp of 28C/82F at 5:30 in the morning is not my idea of ideal running temps. There were a lot of red faces and sweat-soaked singlets by the time I'd walked around to them.

I actually managed to pull my gluteal and hamstring yesterday. At this point I'd like to say that I sometimes think that runners run because they're a little too uncoordinated to do anything else. My theory goes back to the time when I joined in a parents/kids soccer match at my son's soccer break-up. I was running along and had to make a sudden turn because the game changed direction and I fell over. I didn't trip. I didn't get ankle-tapped. No one was near me. There were no pot holes. And I didn't even have the ball. I just randomly fell over. And this theory has been proven time and again by my fellow runners and inspired my calendar to Coach Chris - Stacks, Stubs and Other Random Running Injuries.

Yesterday I managed to trip over a speed bump in the car park - stupidly walking along and not watching where I was going. It's just as well I can't run at the moment because I apparently have trouble just walking.

But back to the weather - you know it's hot around here when the ants start making their way indoors. Iven's theory is that they know there's a lot of rain on the way. I'm wondering what kind of equipment the ant meteorologist uses and if it's accurate. I've been finding ants in very unusual and inconvenient places - on top of the shower screen where some people (Josh) leave their toothpaste and toothbrush. Don't worry Josh I rinsed all the ants out before you could see. Also in and on our toilet (I always wondered where the saying 'ants in your pants' came from and now I know). Those little suckers can bite! And finally I found a trail travelling between the shower and the toilet - I'm hoping for Josh's sake that they'd gone to the shower before heading for the toilet! 

I got the most awesome parcel in the mail this week.  These arrived from Jon  and I actually managed to load them up with music and get them working without any assistance from my kids. They are truly idiot-proof and user-friendly.
They hold 4GB of your favourite songs and are really comfortable when you sew or walk (well I'm not allowed to run yet). Their only draw-back is that they can cause leg injuries - I was playing with these when I tripped in the car park.

My life has been filled with little ironies lately - it's almost like the universe is having a laugh at my expense. Iven makes me a lovely path to the clothes line so I don't have to stand on sticks and stones and Nelson's dog poo - Nelson decides that the path is the best place to poop on (or maybe he thought the path needed a dotted line down the middle). I buy a huge tub of protein powder to help build up my muscles - I struggle to open it because my arms are too weak. I come down with this weird fatigue/overtraining thing and Iven gets a bad back so I can't be mean to him while I'm not running - where's the fun in that?!

My wish for each and every one of you for today is that you see those little ironies in life and laugh along with the universe.


  1. i for one totally fit the "run because too uncoordinated for anything else" description...i have NO hand eye coordination so running it is!!

  2. Well I have to tell you that's it's freezing here in KC...I would love to have some hot weather :)

    Your "ironies" cracked me up! Sometimes life is just like that.

  3. I believe that runners run because they're a little too uncoordinated to do anything else with all my heart! I'm living proof to your theory. We've had a fairly mild summer.

  4. It's those biting ants in the toilet (and big spiders) that put me off coming to your country. Apart from that I imagine it's a great holiday destination. The biggest irony in my life is that I moved from Scotland to the South of England and a supposedly warmer climate, only to have heavy snow here while there has been none where we used to live. Hmph.

  5. Interesting theory about runners ... nice post, you made me laugh!

    Here in Europe winter storm caused deaths. Most experts forecasts another storm in Italy on Friday, 10th.

    Enjoy the Australian weather ... because we're running on a icy path :)

  6. I always seem to hurt myself doing things OTHER than running. When I am not dressed to run, I should clothe myself in bubble wrap!

    Those PJs are awesome!

  7. I seem to fall pretty easily. THanks for letting my know why.

  8. head phones that hold music and barney stinson pjs!!!!! SAM is the coolest guy ever :)

    it's warm here in canada - which is rare. I love it. I haven't even be able to get winter blues b/c I can go outside and live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I suck at every sport....I play soccer and fall all the time. It's brutal - so I'd blame it too!

  9. I was never so relived that the running son became a good runner because man did he suck at team sports - absolutely zero coordination. My non-running son is so much better at team sports, so I'm going to say your hypothesis about runners in correct. Maybe you can write a book about this and make millions!!! Be sure to include cupcake recipes in that book, too!

  10. You've got my number for sure! I run because going forward, in one direction, is something I can actually manage!!!

  11. Well, your post certainly made me laugh! Especially the part about why runners run (we are too uncoordinated to do anything else) - you just might be right here. I am totally uncoordinated - I fell on my rear end in Zumba class for example. I cannot do anything with any kind of choreography at all!

  12. The runners run because .... well, I became a runner because too old to play rugby and judo. It was my last chance.
    Iven's theory is right, the ants leave the garden to come to my house some days before the heavy rains.


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