Friday, February 17, 2012

Recovery And Revenge

So how's my recovery going? Yes I knew you'd all want to know the answer to that question. It's going well - considering that it's only been two days since I got a diagnosis. But I am a little peeved with my family. They KNOW I have to rest and no one has hired me four strong Nubian slaves wearing only loin cloths (well, it's hot here in Brisbane)  and bearing large ostrich feather fans and platters of peeled grapes. It's not much to ask for - after 26 years of marriage and 25 years of child rearing. I know I have a household of four adult males but both Iven and Luke have dodgy backs and they'd struggle carrying me around in a sedan chair. And let's face it, Iven's loin-cloth-wearing-days are probably behind him.
Artist's Impression Of Me And My Nubians

I've been getting a little help with the meals and the laundry. Work's my biggest energy-sucker but there's not a lot you can do about that when you're the sole operator of a business and it's the busy time of the year. Yesterday I had clients in my workroom from midday till 4pm and I found out that I don't do well going without food for so long. So I'm going to buy some healthy snacks to have on hand just in case that happens again. And talking about food - I'm being so good about my diet. I'm throwing fresh greens and reds and oranges and purples with every meal and feeling much better for doing so. I'm avoiding a lot of sugar cause that makes me really tired and I've chucked out lactose all together and my bowels and family thank me for it daily.

Green With Envy

But my biggest problem has come in the shape of a spotted dog. Nelson is jealous! He's getting sick and tired of Bubbles being the chosen one (for walks). And he's acting out like a two year old who missed out on ice cream. He tried the pitiful eyes and soulful expression and that didn't work. I'm not deliberately cruel - he's just the equivalent of 98 in dog years and has dodgy hips that will only carry him a kilometre if he's lucky. Then he switched tactics and decided to bark for most of the time that we were walking. Again, not a very successful tactic because I can't hear him when I'm on the other side of the suburb. But I guess, being a dog you don't have many weapons in your persuasion arsenal.

So he's resigned himself to the fact that he won't be going out and he's not happy - in fact he's been out for some doggy revenge. He's taken ideas from the monkeys in the Madagascar movie and gone for the only other trick up his sleeve (actually, it wasn't up his sleeve) - he's gone for the poo-flinging. 

He's gotten me twice in the last 24 hours. Last night he had a little accident on the steps leading outside. He acted like he didn't want to come in until I'd cleaned it up just in case he trod in it and brought it into the house. So he lured me into his carefully thought out and brilliant plan. I went outside and picked up the first deposit, then the second and, while carrying it down the stairs to put into the garden, I stepped in the one that he'd hidden under the cover of darkness. Score one for Nellie - none for me.

Then this morning I woke up early to meet the group before they left me eating their dust. It was still dark but I was confident because of the previous night's shenanigans that there would be no little whoopsies in the kitchen. Well, I was wrong. Nellie had boobie-trapped the floor just as you walk in to turn the light on.Score two for Nellie. 

He's Not Sleeping - He's Plotting More Revenge

I've organised for Iven to take him for a little walk this afternoon - so I guess he's won.


  1. Uh-oh. Poor Nelson, it can't be easy being 98 and having dodgy hips. Or even doggy hips. It sounds as though you're eating super-healthily, hope you feel some good effects from that soon.

  2. Poor Nelson! Could you put him in a pram and take him along on your walks with Bubbles?

  3. Oh poor Nelson. Dogs are as smart as they are cute. I hope your troop of loin-clothed Nubian slaves shows up soon!

  4. awww, smart dog. Sounds like his plan is surely working. Sad to see our animals get older...sad for them and us. I don't have any pets now though but used to. I suppose when we can't do the things we used to do, we might resort to this type of behavior too....better watch out...if Char isn't up and running soon then she might start crapping on the floor just to get a little excitement in her life. Ha! Good job trying to take it easy and for eating healthy. Baking and not eating sugar doesn't really go together so I'm assuming that your baking has slowed down too? But then again, baking is one of your passions and I know that for me, when I'm NOT running, my passions slow down too. I'm rambling here and probably not making any sense. Hope you recovery quickly Char!

  5. Poor Nelson. He is telling you he understands how frustrated you are without running because he is the same without walking.

  6. ok even though i feel your pain because if there is dog poo anywhere in a mile radius of me, i will step in it...i did giggle a bit picturing nelson hiding his poops and plotting revenge...

  7. Nelson's one smart dog, he knows how to get his way!

    Hope the males in the house are currently looking up loin cloth wearing Nubian slaves for you!! :)

  8. Nelson - I didn't even know there was a Nelson ;) so that's why he's jealous lol Bubbles is pretty cool though but I've always Loved dalmatians :D

    I am glad they're helping you with small tasks but I'd milk it and ask for more!!!

  9. Nelson is a wise old man and knows just how to win his battles. I love the artists impression. I'll send some ostrich feathers if you need more. Have a good week Char!

  10. NOte to self: regardless of his age beware of Nelson!


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