Friday, February 26, 2010

Because of my overtraining syndrome, I've realised that I won't be breaking any land-speed records in the foreseeable future. Nor will I be doing any racing of any description. So to satisfy the competitor in me I've decided to invent a new sport that I can excel at - maybe even become the world champion. It is Extreme Dishdrainer Stacking.

This sport is not for everyone. First of all, if you have a dishwasher then you probably won't be interested (or even know how to wash by hand). It helps if you have a fairly large family and lots of dishes/cutlery/pots and pans. It also helps if you can hold off washing up for most of the day (or even a week) so there are lots of dirty dishes to be done at once. A deep dishdrainer will be your best friend and apart from that it's all down to skill.

But be warned. It can be dangerous. A poorly positioned carving knife or the unbalanced glass/ceramic-tile-floor combo can mean that blood may spill. So if you're faint-hearted or faint at the sight of blood give this sport a wide swerve.

Below is one of my best efforts. (note that this is only ONE meal's worth of dishes)


On to running stuff - I did my long slow run today. A nice 16.6k along the Brisbane River. It took just over an hour and a half and I had a nice little rain shower on the way home. Now I have to have a good stretch and a session on my mean foam roller and I'll be feeling great.

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  1. Your dish drainer 'art' is quite sculptural! good job on the run. A good hard foam roller is worth its weight in gold!
    As for abs, when they were handing out the good ones, I was in the cupcake line.


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