Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Two runs so far this week. Two runs that were good runs and two runs that I have recovered well from. Yay!

Tuesday's run was speed and Coach Chris had us doing Gerschler Fartlek. 30sec fast, 90 sec recovery, 30 sec fast, 75 sec recovery ... The fast portions stayed the same but the recovery shortened 15 sec each time till it was 30 sec and the cycle started again. I actually felt quite strong for the run.Today's run was a 16k at a relaxed pace (just under 6 min/k) Again, I felt surprisingly good.

I think I've turned a little corner. I've found my resting heart rate is dropping and my energy levels have definitely increased. Very encouraging signs. I'm not sure what's made the difference - any one of the 7 supplements I'm taking, the four and a half months of reduced training or making a conscious effort to reduce stress in my life - maybe it's a combination of them all. I'm finally thinking that it may be possible to do the 10k/half marathon combo on the Gold Coast Marathon weekend and maybe even make my marathon debut in Melbourne in November.

Fingers crossed that this improvement continues.

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  1. Great post, I can see all of those factors contributing towards your higher energy level; reduced training, less stress, those all sound great! Good luck on the half marathon this weekend and your Melbourne marathon sounds like a great goal!


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