Sunday, February 28, 2010

Speed Bumps

I watched a really inspirational program today wuile I was cutting out costumes. It was Biggest Loser but it wasn't the contestants or the trainers who were inspirational. It was a guest called Kurt Fearnley.

Kurt was born with the lower part of his spine missing and can't walk. But not being able to walk hasn't stopped him from becoming an amazing athlete. He's a paralympian and a wheelchair marathoner. He's won the New York Marathon 3 times. He's crawled the Great Wall of China and just recently he crawled the Kokoda Track.

The Kokoda Track is legendary for Australians. It's in New Guinea and was the site of intense fighting between the Aussies and the Japanese. It's through harsh, unforgiving terrain. It has become a destination for people to go to see if they're made of the 'right stuff' Many people try it and many fail. Kurt was never going to fail. He dragged himself up and down hills, through mud and creeks. Some days he was so exhausted that he couldn't even talk but he never gave up.

He was asked if he ever felt like quitting and he said that whenever hardships arose he looked at them as speed bumps - enough to slow hi down and be a nuisance but not to stop.

I took a lot away from his talk. My overtraining syndrome is just a speed bump. I've got my goals and I'm going to keep plugging away at them until I get there. It may take a little longer than I'd planned but I will get there.


  1. Wow- pretty hardcore athlete. Very inspirational too. I'll have to take that into mind as well

  2. Speed bumps - I like that! Keep hanging in there, we are ALL faced with speed bumps from time to time and yet somehow, we all manage to pull it together. Hoping you have a great training week, be strong!

  3. Holy smokes. Makes running a marathon seem timid in comparison.


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