Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soggy Tissues

I need to vent. I've just opened up my washing machine to find a snow storm. That's right, Iven left a tissue in his shorts pocket. Of course it was a 'darks' wash too so every black t-shirt in our house now has a light smattering of shite tissue lint. UGHHHH!!

As a lot of you know, we've just celebrated our 24th anniversary and for 24 years I have tried every trick in the book to make him empty his pockets before dumping his clothes in the laundry basket. I've tried asking nicely, asking not-so-nicely, yelling, crying and making him take the entire load outside with a clothes brush. But Iven isn't a 'details' man and the exercise with the clothes brush was less than satisfying on my behalf. I'm at the point where it's either a divorce or we go back to cloth handkerchiefs - neither of which is really an option.

Don't get me wrong. I do love Iven. Most of the time. But probably not at this moment. We've been married so long now that I know him really well. I know he doesn't mean to leave the tissues in his pocket. I know he's forgetful. And I will forgive him, eventually. He'll be really good for a while and empty his pockets and this will lull me into a false sense of security and then, like today, I will need to vent.

Onto things of the feet - I have new shoes! They are Brooks Glycerin 8 and they're going to make me run really fast (I hope). I got them on Saturday and it's now Monday and I haven't been able to do anything more that try them on. It's been raining and there's no way that I'm going to take my pretty new shoes and run with them in the rain. Unfortunately it looks like it's going to rain for most of the week so their debut run is postponed indefinitely.


  1. Hmmm Glycerin 8's huh? Maybe there's a 4th bachelor in my future!
    Sorry about the Kleenex-what a royal mess!

  2. That was so funny but I must admit, being the teacher of this household, I have pockets full of crayons, markers, coins, tissues, who knows what else...and it's my husband who always GRIPES at me! I had to laugh at your frustrations!
    Keep your new shoes dry! Isn't it summer there? Is it really raining?

  3. Summer is our rainy season. But today ended up pretty dry so it looks like Tuesday speed will be the Glycerin debut sission. They won't see my heels for the dust.

  4. Iven needs a spanking - although he might enjoy it.

  5. I hate it when tissues are in the laundry. My hubby does the same thing with both tissue and receipts. I rarely catch them in time. Good thing he's not around when I discover these incidents!
    New shoes! Have fun with them and let us know how they work out!

  6. Sounds like your Hubby is a lucky man and YOU are a patient woman! :-) We don't even mix our laundry together - for those very kind of reasons. Oh my!

    How was the rain-free run in the kicks??


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