Monday, February 1, 2010

Clever One-Liners

I go to my local shopping centre every day. It's probably excessive but, because I work from home, it's a bit of a sanity-saver. I buy a coffee, read the paper, chat with people that I know, do some banking or post a few letters/cheques to creditors.

Yesterday I arrived at the shopping centre, parked in my usual place and walked to the doors. You know the type of door - they see you and they open. Well, they did not see me. I stood at those usually-welcoming doors and they remained belligerently shut. I backed up and walked forward again just in case they'd missed me the first time. Still nothing. Backed up again and repeated - nothing!

Then I did what any self-respecting woman in need of her early morning coffee fix would do. I wedged my fingers between the doors and forced them apart. They were a little reluctant at first I managed to overcome that reluctance with brute-force. I walked through and up a ramp only to be met by a man who had obviously watched the whole performance.

"You're pretty strong" he said in, what I like to imagine were admiring tones.

At this point I should have said something quick and witty - like "Nothing stands in the way of a woman and her coffee" but what I came out with was "Yep." Good response there, Char. Why is it that I always think of the clever one-liners a good ten minutes after they're relevant?


  1. What I can't believe is that the guy was just watching you try to open the door, rather than trying to help out! Glad you got to your coffee, though.

  2. When I work from home I need to get away from the house at least once a day. Otherwise, like you, I will go insane.


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