Sunday, February 14, 2010

Food Nazi

I had an epiphany on Saturday night. I could never be a waitress, or a check-out chick or a worker in a fast-food outlet. I am a food-nazi!

This realisation came to me while I was sitting in a cafe with my friend Natalie having coffee - well, she was having coffee and I was having a hot chocolate but only because it was late in the afternoon and I wouldn't sleep if I had a coffee - and I was casually noticing the wait-staff serving other people. They came out with a huge dessert for a rather tubby woman and a thought flashed through my head. The thought involved her girth and it's relationship to the food she was consuming. Then I thought that, in all good conscience, I would find it difficult to serve her without making a snide comment.

Then another thought flashed through my head and it involved all the times I've stood behind large people in the supermarket and I've critiqued their trolley, let alone the times when I've sat in a food court sipping my skinny cappuccino and mentally flagellating the obese about their food choice.

The thing is - I don't believe that most fat people have glandular issues. I think it comes down to activity, food choice and portion control. And I speak from experience. As a teenager my weight got up to 73 kilos. It now hovers around 62.

So I will never take a job in the food service industry. I just wouldn't be good for business.


  1. Portion control is out of control at most restaurants.

  2. I've been guilty of those judgments myself... what I hate most is when people blame it on genes, metabolism or other factors supposedly out of their control, as they chw down on a burger, large fries and shake.


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