Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Josh!

It has been manically busy here. Work is spiralling out of control (always happens at this time of year so I shouldn't be surprised) and I'm having to work lots more hours every week. Then, on top of it all, Josh (son #2) decides to go and turn 21. Silly me! I did know it was coming but I thought that if I buried my head deep enough in the sand I would be able to avoid making any decisions.

Apparently 21sts involve quite a significant number of decisions. Things like a special gift and whether to party or not to party. Josh took the second decision out of our hands by saying he didn't want a party and was uncomfortable with the ides of being the centre of attention. (He will probably have to elope if this is the case)He was happy to have a dinner out with whatever extended family could make it on a Tuesday night. That involved other decisions like which restaurant and what time?? Wisely I put the 'which restaurant' to the vote at family dinner - we came up with a winner which was nice and close and allowed us to bring our own cake.

So last night finds 15 of us down at our pizza/pasta restaurant stuffing our faces with pizza (what was I saying in my last post about being a food nazi? Even nazis get to have the day off for birthdays and othe significant celebrations) and caramel mud cake. We had a great time but I have no pics to show for it because someone (and I will mention no names here ... alright it was me) forgot to take any photos. My baby has passed through an important portal in his life and I have nothing to remember it by. Doh!!!

Happy Birthday Josh. Hope you had a great day. Your Mum's a goose!


  1. That sounds like a splendid celebration! Happy Birthday Josh!

  2. Wow! 21 seems like such a big birthday, my daughter will be 21 in December!! Eeek. Sounds like you had a fun pizza party!


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