Sunday, February 21, 2010

Naming Rights

I wonder if naming chickens has ever been grounds for divorce. Iven and I simply cannot agree on what to call these birds so we've resorted to 'The Girls' for the moment. The thing is - he likes daggy names and I like cool/clever ones. He wants 'Orang' and 'Tang'. I have a list - Atilla the Hen, Pocahentus, Erica the Red, Ginger Mmmm-eggs, Satay and Tandoori, Thelma and Louise, Betty and Wilma, Omelet and Scrambles, and Phil and Lil (I quite like the idea of naming one of the hens after the mother-in-law, Phyllis)

I treat naming my pets as an art-form. I have had Object (short for Objet d'art because she had beautiful markings), Vegemite (because she was black) and Nelson who's named after Nelson Mandela because he's a dalmation who believes black and white can live side by side. Our other pets have been named by the kids - Hercules the cockatiel, Bubbles the stray fox terrier, Reuben the axlotle and Bailey the rat. And no - we have no cats!

On a totally different subject - I tried to blog yesterday but my computer froze and I got computer-rage and decided to format my computer (for the first time in my life) Silly me! I knew I would lose all my files so I backed up what I thought I needed. I did not know that I would lose my drivers as well. I now have no sound. No more playing my music while I'm cooking dinner and singing big band songs at the top of my voice and scaring small children and animals. I'm hoping my tech-genius son, Josh, will be able to rectify my error and I'll be belting out tunes in no time.

The reason I wanted to post yesterday was to let every one know how good my run was on Saturday. I had anxiety after my bad Thursday run. Didn't know how far to go and if I was going to pull up okay. But I rocked it! I ran a comfortable 16k and really enjoyed it. Felt good during the run and, more importantly, felt great afterwards. Yay!!

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  1. I say put up some options and let "the people" decide!


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