Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Story

It's been a very busy week of work and other stuff so I've been a little quiet for the last couple of days. I have, however, been on two 15k runs - one on Thursday by myself and one today with the few squad members who didn't go on camp (I was not allowed to go to camp because of the overtraining syndrome) It was on today's run that I heard a very beautiful love story which I will share.

Mike is a fairly recent member of the group - lovely guy, 6 foot 5 and quite cute. We've run together on occasions and he happened to be running with me when I'd recently found out about my half-brother and was sharing the fact with people to help me process it. He was such a good listener (although he almost had me running into a bollard because I was looking up at him and at 6'5" you have to look way up) and then he shared a bit about his first marriage and how his first wife had run off with his friend. Then he talked about his new wife and it was obvious how much he adored her and I thought how lucky they both were to have found each other.

On another run a few weeks later we got talking again and he mentioned that his wife was sick and when I expressed concern he told me that she had breast cancer. It was the third recurrence but he was pretty positive about how things were going. Unfortunately positive thinking isn't always enough and she has deteriorated and only has days left. It's so sad.

Today I found out that Mike had only been going out with her for 3 weeks before she was diagnosed. She told him not to stick around but not only did he stick around, he married her and has looked after her and loved her.

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Wow - kind of puts things in perpestive.

  2. What a heartbreaking story. I wish them both peace and comfort.


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