Monday, February 8, 2010

Saved By a Candle

It was my running friend, Jenny's birthday this week so after speed session today we planned to have breakfast in her honour. Speed session is held at the University of Queensland on the path that follows the Brisbane River and we breakfast at Wordsmith's Cafe which is on campus. Wordsmith's is basically an outdoor cafe - surrounded by trees and lots of local wildlife.

As is my tradition I made Jenny a birthday cake. I got up really early yesterday and had it in the oven by 6:30 am so it could be cool enough to decorate before I started work. I was really pleased with the end result -

When I picked it up this morning I realised that something was missing - the birthday candle - so I stuck one in and covered it with plastic wrap. I carefully loaded into the car this morning at 5 am and drove (again very carefully) to the uni.

We did our speed session: Mona (after Steve Monaghetti, one of Australia's best marathon runners) fartlek. It was a tough workout. 90 secs speed, 90 secs recovery, 60 secs speed, 60 secs recovery, 30 secs speed, 30 secs recovery then repeat the entire set 5 times. Again I felt pretty good :) Quick cool down and stretch then a shower and finally the main event - breakfast.

I gave Jenny her cake which she left on the table while we went and ordered. We arrived back to find a scrub turkey on top of the table pecking away at all my hard work! I was upset because I'd spent a bit of time and effort on my masterpiece but on closer inspection we found it totally unscathed. The stupid bird had only managed to peck at the candle that had only been added as an after-thought.

And on the topic of creative pursuits, I finished my first Rhythmic Gymnastics costume of the year. It was a marathon effort but I'm satisfied with the end result and thought I'd share it.


  1. What kind of idiot I mean turkey would go for a candle instead of that luscious cake? WOW!
    The gymnastics outfit is beautiful! It'd be gorgeous for ice skating too! You have amazing creative talent!

  2. I love the cake, the flowers are gorgeous, too pretty to eat! You are very artistic! Hey , I would love a sparkly top with sequins and swirls to wear as a running top, wouldn't that be funny? I think you should start a new trend.

  3. Beautiful cake! That bird had no idea what he was missing! The costume is quite lovely too- you are talented!

  4. I want you to make me a cake and I don't eat cake!

  5. Char,
    I FINALLY found my way to your blog... thank goodness! Since you left a comment about Michael Buble, I think of you often and find myself saying, "I need to send Char a message.." and then life cuts in to my thoughts: traffic lights, work demands, the grocery store.. and I'm off on yet another task. Then you commented on my recent (first) 12-miler and again I said, "NEED to send Char a message!" So, hello from Orlando, Florida, and THANK YOU for visiting the Turtles blog! :-)

    The cake is absolutely beautiful... the bird story is insane, but funny! He missed the best part. LOL And your gymnastics costume is stunning. Very nice!


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