Monday, June 28, 2010

Appreciating What We Have.

I just need to have a little whinge. It's cold! Not cold like snowing cold just cold like I-can't-run-in-short-sleeves-and-have-to-wear-gloves cold.We're finally down to single digits (yes, that's Celsius not Fahrenheit so what am I whining about). The thing is that we in Queensland are not ever prepared for cold weather. We live in Queenslander houses made of timber with high ceilings and big verandahs and wooden floors. They're impossible to heat effectively or cheaply so here I sit with four layers of clothes on with the outside temperature at 13 degrees and the inside at 15. Still, I'd rather it be Winter than Summer.

I was made more aware of the cold because of our new team member. In Cambodia the temperature manages to stay between 20 and 30 degrees for most of the year. It generally doesn't get below 20C (that's 68F) so I'm thinking that this morning's 7C/45F start was a bit of a rude shock. But it did make for good running conditions. Coach Chris had a lighter session today because of this weekends races. It was just 6 X 400m followed by a few stride-outs.

While we were running I was thinking quite a bit about Bunting (our celebrity team member). I'd googled him on the weekend and found out lots of interesting stuff. He was one of 9 kids to a farming family in a small farming community. Somehow he found he was good at running and managed to get a stipend from the government of $50 a month. He trained at a run-down old athletics stadium doing laps rather than run through the city streets because of safety and pollution issues. He had no coach - just trained himself using programs that he found on the internet and he managed to run a 2:25 marathon. No coach, no physios, no dietitians or sports scientists. Amazing!

I thought a lot about how we must appear to him. We all turn up to training in our own cars wearing all the right running gear. We must seem so rich and privileged and in all honesty we are. It made me realise just how lucky I am and made me appreciate all I have.

Today was the last session before this weekend's races. Time to rest, relax and NOT think about the races much. Should be a fun weekend.


  1. Good luck at your race! It is so hot here, def. not long sleeve weather!

  2. You are so right, it's easy to forget how privileged we are.

  3. So true about our privledges I know I've been challenged this past year with job losses and money drained and I've learned to definitely not take what I have for granted. Good luck with your races this weekend!!!!

  4. Running while the weather is cold makes you stronger! Good luck for your next races.

  5. I'm in winter mode as well. Here in Johannesburg its been cold with mornings going to -5°C. A bit better this week with mornings +4°C. The days are better.
    We have to say thank you for what we have more often.

  6. I would LOVE to have those temps right now, although it must be tough when you can't heat your house properly.

    Bundle up!

  7. Thankyou for visiting my blog, it saves me talking to myself!! Please visit again
    You're right about not needing the loo. I used to be quite pedantic about my pre race wee until I decided it was nerves and that I was just peeing fresh air.
    Cheers Karen.


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