Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pre-race Hypochondria

Do any of you suffer from pre-event hypochondria? I'm a huge hypochondriac in the week leading up to an event. Is that a tickle in my throat? How many times did I sneeze today? I've got a little sore spot in my calf and a really tight hip flexor. Honestly, the list goes on and on. It gets that way that I've almost talked myself into believing that I can hardly run a 10k let alone a half marathon.

Doesn't matter that I run half marathons nearly every Saturday morning leading up to the event. Doesn't matter that I've run further than a half at least three times in the last 6 weeks. Right about now I'm wishing I could put my brain into neutral and NOT THINK TOO MUCH.

The problem is that all I'm doing is thinking about this weekend. What to bring. What to wear. What time to get up. What to eat. When to eat. Where to park. And right this moment I'm in the throes of event-baking. That involved more thinking - what to bake, how much to bake, when to bake so it stays fresh.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be heading off to the Gold Coast so tomorrow there will be a little less thinking and a lot more doing. I'm better with doing - it takes my mind off thinking.

Tomorrow will also be the last time I ever have coffee made by my favourite cafe. Things have been tough for them financially (despite my best efforts - but apparently I can't keep them afloat single-handedly) and they're having to shut. So long Ahrbaya and Harsha, I'm going to miss you both.


  1. I always get nervous which my stomach does not appreciate at all. Typically I don't settle down until three miles in.

  2. This happens to me the most before a marathon but to some degree with other races too. I have tried to support places myself too. Just doesn't work. Sorry about your favorite coffee place.

  3. I am a total pre-race hypochondriac for marathons. I'm ok w/shorter distances. So sorry about the cafe! :(

  4. I definitely suffer from pre-race hypochondria (is that contagious??? lol). I usually throw in a little irritability, too, just to keep things interesting. :-)

  5. I only get this before really big races nowadays. If it's a race I've been training for, for a long time I can be terrible the week before.

  6. bummer on your fav coffee shop closing :(

    I'm so with you on the Hypochondria - I've been doing the same thing the last two days. I'm sure we'll both be great come race day! ;)


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