Friday, June 25, 2010

Lost Olympians, Butt Cam and a Blister.

There were a couple of things I wanted to mention today. Firstly, we have a new squad member. His name is Hem Bunting and he's the national champion of Cambodia. How cool is that?! He's training with our squad in the lead up to the Gold Coast Marathon and then Coach Chris will be coaching him electronically up until Melbourne Marathon. He ran at the Beijing Olympics as national champion but didn't qualify on times but he'd like to qualify as an elite athlete for the next Olympics.

He came with us on our long run today for the first time. I'd like to say at this point that he's tiny and doesn't speak much/any English. And he's WAY faster than any of us. Coach Chris gave us the course for the morning and we all took off. Bunting followed behind for a while but the pace was a little slow and he took off. Maybe not such a good idea when you're new to an area and can't speak the language. We were on our way back when C Chris caught up with us and told us that he'd lost his new charge. That's a really big Ooops!! Really poor form as a coach to lose a national champion on your first day. C Chris was really worried but luckily Bunting is savvy enough to find his way around foreign cities. He managed to make his was back all by himself. (much to C Chris's relief)

I went jeans-shopping with two of my boys yesterday. They were the shoppers and I was the cash-cow. We wandered into a shop called Jeans West and found a really nifty gadget. It's called butt cam and it could be the saviour of men who don't know what to say when asked 'Does my butt look big in this?' Basically you just stand in front of it and voila, your butt appears before you in all its radiant magnificence on a screen before you. Yes, we all had to have a go. Luke discovered that he doesn't actually have a butt. His legs just sort-of join onto his torso. Josh has a butt (a Donaldson butt) and my butt is not too shabby for a woman of maturity.

I commented on this new-fangled gadget to the shop assistant. Apparently she's not much of a fan. She often catches her butt up close and personal when she's doing the vacuuming. Maybe not the most flattering time to be butt-watching.

And finally - I have an injury! I wore brand new shoes for today's run and I wore some quite thick socks. It wasn't the best combination. I now have a minute blister on my right little toe. But apart from the blister, I think the shoes are going to be good. (especially if I wear my normal socks) I'll test them out again either for my Monday run or for speed on Tuesday.


  1. Ouch, hope the blister heels fast (my son has three from starting cross country camp this week so feel your pain) and butt cam? How many neck crinks do I get trying to see how large my butt looks in new pants....perfect device!! Hope the non-English speaking speedster enjoys your group!! Happy Weekend!

  2. Very cool to have such a speedy guy in your midst!

    I don't think I'd like the butt cam!!

  3. Good for you figuring out the sock issue. Most people never consider their socks.

  4. Ouch, those little blisters can bring on HUGE pain! Can the butt device show us a "shrunken" version of the fanny too? I'd buy that one for sure.

  5. Ohhh what a terrible injury! Sorry. Indeed I never run with new socks and shoes, I prefer to use them to walk a couple of days before the "main event".

  6. What a treat to have such an esteemed runner training with your group!

    And if you're going to have an injury, a blister is probably the best way to go. I hope it heals up soon.

  7. I'd stay away from the butt cam but it sounds hilarious!


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