Monday, June 21, 2010

Protecting the Minds of the Innocent

Exams are over!! (Can you hear me cheering across the water?) All the pressure and tension has gone from our house and spirits are definitely higher.

Iven and I spent a lot of time on the weekend doing odd jobs that we'd put off. A month ago we received a registered letter from our council telling us that our bamboo (which has been in our yard for the 23 years that we've lived here plus who knows how long before that) was a pest plant and had to be removed within the month. Now we have a LOT of bamboo and the bamboo was performing a very important moral function. It was shielding our bathroom from the prying eyes of students at the high school next door. Iven worked really hard chopping down the bamboo and poisoning all the stems but the end result was a little more exposure than I was comfortable with. (Iven kindly checked how much of our bathroom could be seen one day while I was showering and he happily informed me that the view was amazing)

We did procrastinate for about a fortnight but last weekend we bought roller blinds and now they are installed and the innocent minds of the teenagers next door are now safe. (Yes I know that innocent minds and teenagers aren't words usually put into the same sentence but the school is a special academy for Science, Maths and Technology so I assume there are a lot of virgins on campus)

We also did a big clean-up of my workroom. Because the business is now solely mine, I decided that I should take some ownership and change things up a little. I even treated myself to a new TV which has been mounted on the wall for better visibility. I cleaned out drawers and cupboards and threw away a ton of junk. It was amazingly cathartic.

Our next project will be the kitchen. It's due to start on the 12th of July and between now and then I have to clean out all the cupboards. I'm not looking forward to that.

Tomorrow I have a 3k time trial to run. Being friends with the coach gives me insider knowledge. Last time I ran a time trial I was just coming back from overtraining syndrome and ran around 15 mins. I'm hoping to go quite a bit faster this time. Wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like you got some major hoeing out down.

  2. Sounds like you are starting summer with a clean slate. That's a great feeling!

  3. Bamboo a pest plant?

  4. I'm sure that you'll run quite a bit faster tomorrow. Good luck on your training!

  5. I agree, cleaning and organizing is pretty therapeutic. Even getting rid of our bamboo was good since it had rats nesting in it, boo!

  6. It must feel good getting stuff done. I forgot how that feels like....


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