Sunday, June 13, 2010

It Wasn't Just My Legs That Were Running

Small milestone - last week I ran the most kilometers for over a year and yesterday's run was the longest LSD in the same time frame. Yesterday's run was 24.5k and my total for the week was 63k. Yesterday's run was not the easiest that I've ever done. I was still sore from Thursday's killer hill session - my quads and hammies and even my trapezius hurt. I didn't look at my watch much, just knuckled down and ran.

Coach Chris had mapped out a new route which took us across 4 bridges. It was like a scenic tour of the Brisbane River by foot. By the time I got off the last bridge my Garmin had already clocked 20k and I was a bit over it but knowing I had 4k still to go. Luckily I had my trusty running companion, Brendan the Irishman who's been blessed with the gift of the gab. I reached our starting point 2hrs and 20m after I'd left - not fast but the stats on my Garmin made me pretty happy. My average heart rate for the run was 149 (Pretty low for me)

I hung around and stretched and chatted for a while and then headed off home for a warming shower and it was there that I realised something mortifying. It had been a pretty cool morning and when it's cold my nose runs. I'd sniffed and used my sleeve when I needed to but apparently that wasn't enough. When I looked in the mirror at home I saw a nasty old booger right where it could be seen. And worst still - I'm pretty tall as far as my group's concerned so over 50% of the people I talked to would have had the perfect view of it. Gross!!

All I can say is that runners are fairly accepting of bodily functions that genteel people would find abhorrent. We sweat like pigs, shoot off snot rockets, fart in public (not that I'd ever admit to that), use trees as public conveniences and occasionally barf if we've given it everything we've got. And I'd like to thank the Galeforce Running Squad for accepting me - visible snot and all!

And to change tack totally - good luck to the Socceroos for tomorrow's match against Germany.


  1. Doh! I have the same issue with my nose when the temperatures drop. Luckily I have not yet gone through the booger experience!

    I too accept you as you are!

  2. I like it when people tell me when I have unsightly things on my face etc.!!! Oh well, I'm sure they all have seen worse and love you just the same.

  3. Yes, my nose runs in the cold too! Today I was talking to all sorts of strangers at a race with white globs on sunscreen on my face and neck that I forgot to rub in properly. No one mentioned anything to me but boy what a surprise when I saw my reflection in my car window afterwards!

  4. I always forget how bad the nose runs when colder weather first sets in. I'm sure none of the other runners minded at all!

  5. I think all runners experience the same "not so good" moments like this. That's why runners are so understanding when something like this happens. It's all part of the game.
    Sorry about the loss to Germany, but all is not lost yet.

  6. Great job on your run! Having a chatty companion helps so much!

  7. Sorry for the football game but your sport is rugby and on saturday you won! Great job, keep on running and don't care about football!


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