Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life Lessons

Yesterday I learnt some very important things. The first is that I must be careful when I choose my words because it's easy to be misunderstood. And it's here that I must apologise to Shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama. When I said pig-headedly stubborn I didn't mean specifically you - I meant that all distance runners have that trait and need it to finish what we set out to do. If I offended you I'm really sorry.

The second lesson I learnt yesterday came from one of the squad members. Sharon is a fantastic marathon runner. She won the Cadbury marathon in January and was only a minute outside of going sub-3 hours. She told me that the trick to running a marathon was to start running and don't stop. Simple! I'm planning on writing that on my hand when I give my first marathon a go in October.


  1. Yep we're a stubborn bunch for sure. We train so darn hard it's so hard to give up sometimes.
    I second the 'don't stop running' motion as well!

  2. Start running and just don't stop ... I like that!

  3. A first marathon is the best! How lucky you are to have it to look forward to!

  4. Start running and don't stop. Nice! I like it!


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