Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dodgy Chips

The results for Sunday's race were finally posted on-line. We had hung around after the event sort-of hoping to pick up an age-group award. I've won my age-group twice before and by previous years results a 24 min finish was a chance at a minor placing. I came away empty-handed and a little surprised with the quality of field.

Anyway, yesterday when the results came up I scoured them to see where I came and I wasn't anywhere! No name, no result! It was like I hadn't run. My guess is that my chip malfunctioned. And where would I have placed? Second in age group - less than 10 seconds behind the winner. I was gypped of my bling by a dodgy chip.

I've contacted the organisers to see what they can do. It's probably petty but I'd really like my medal. I ran hard (well as hard as I could) and it's a physical demonstration of life after Overtraining Syndrome. They've contacted me back to find out my race number so I guess they'll be scouring the finish-line pics to make sure I'm being honest.

Finger's crossed I'll get my just rewards.


  1. That is certainly maddening. I try to always speak up when results are wrong as it is important to us. Good luck getting it straightened out.

  2. That's so unfair! I don't blame you for wanting your medal - I would too after all that hard work. Good luck.

  3. Hope you get what they owe you. You deserve it. Technology is great until it fails…

  4. Aw, too bad! I hope they get that sorted out for you.

  5. How frustrating when things happen beyond our control! Hope they are able to get it all worked out. You deserve the place after all you've been through!


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