Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unexpected Treats, Unexpected Pain and An Unexpected Mystery

This morning I had an unexpected treat. I got to turn off my alarm and sleep for as long as I wanted (which turned out to be 7:30) This is unknown for me on a week day in school term but Luke starts exams today and doesn't have to be at school till 11 am. Little cheer!

It was quite hard to get out of bed - not because I was super-tired or it was too cold. It was physically hard! My quads hurt! It's always a bit of a surprise when I get delayed-onset muscle soreness. You'd think after all the k's I've put in my legs wouldn't need to get sore any more but Coach Chris seems to have enough tricks up his sleeve to occasionally bring on a case of DOMS.

Yesterday he had us doing hill sprints. I'd decided that because of the race on Sunday and a solid speed session on Tuesday, I'd ease back a bit at hills. What was I thinking?! You can never ease back when it's hills - and even less so when it's hill SPRINTS!!! We had to sprint uphill between the cones he's set out then recover downhill. That's hard enough in itself but to put the icing on the cake he had us run a relay at the end and that's where my legs came unstuck. Do you know how tough it is to sprint downhill?? My legs felt like they were out of control. And when you get to the finish it's SO hard to stop. I think I'll be wearing my Skins this morning (should have done so yesterday) under my jeans.

Yesterday the photos from Sunday's race went on-line. They weren't too bad and reminded me again that I don't have to worry about my weight any more - I'm no longer a 17 year old, 10 kilo overweight discus thrower. But the photos have asked a question that will never get answered. Did he beat me? Or did I beat him? I seriously can't remember and can't look at the results to find out.


  1. Easy hill sprints- great idea in theory but hard to pull off! :)

  2. Whoever came first in the race, you look a lot better than him.

  3. Hope you enjoyed the sleep-in ... and that those DOMS subside. Ouch!

  4. That's a great photo. I'm sure you're passing him. Hope your legs feel better.

  5. That's a nice photo of you while you're running :) I hope You'll have a weekend!

    Post scriptum: Tomorrow, the Australian soccer team is playng against Germany for world cup in South Africa. Good luck!


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