Friday, June 18, 2010

A Boost in Confidence

I had an awesome run today. Let me back up a week. Last Saturday's run was hard. It was 24k and I only survived it because of Brendan the chatty Irishman. I had done a lot of k's that week and I think they'd all caught up with me.

So fast forward to this morning - I hadn't slept well, was up at 2 am taking ibuprofen for stomach cramps then up again at 4 because the anti-inflams hadn't worked so well. I gave up any thought of more sleep and turned on the tv to watch the first half of the England v Algeria match. I had my banana and a couple of spoonfuls of honey and headed off to meet the group, secretly dreading what was ahead but grateful that I had the group to run with.

We set out at 5:30 and I felt like I was running a little faster than I should be (but I was chatting with a new girl and it would have spoilt the conversation if I hadn't kept up). Before I knew it we were running with the faster group which made me worry that the return trip was going to be ugly but at this point I was in an area that I'm not totally familiar with and felt like if I didn't stick with them I might get lost. I got to the turn around point and all of a sudden I was by myself - no sweat, I thought, I just have to backtrack.

Hah! Easier said than done. I was okay for the first couple of k but then the route got a little complicated and I lost all confidence in my memory. Luckily it wasn't long till I came across one of our group who hadn't run as far. Dave knew the area better than me and guided me through the tricky bit. I'd hit around 16k at this point, had taken a gel and was feeling okay so I just kept running at around the same pace. I got to the finish in 2:01 for the 23k - 7 mins faster than when I did the same route 5 weeks ago.

So why is it that some days you run crap and other days it seems easy? I've never had honey before a run before - maybe it's the golden elixir. Maybe I timed the gel just right. Maybe all the planets aligned just right. I'm just grateful that my last really long run before Gold Coast was good.


  1. 7 mins faster than when you did the same route 5 weeks ago. It means that you are getting stronger Char!
    I didn't like the match England - Algeria.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Awesome progress! Yeah for you. Sounds like you have a great running group. It's always about so much more than the run... the support from friends, fellow runners and a sweet as honey finish. You may have something there...

  3. The Golden Elixer! Love it! I've actually heard great things about honey before. Some people with stomach issues can handle it better than the Gu's and whatnot!

    Great job on cutting so much time off your run! That is awesome! I love good run days! they make it all worth it! I think the rough days are good for building mental strength! =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I often have toast with honey before a race. Glad you had such a good run.

  5. That is an amazing amount of progress! This is terrific!!!

    So, honey is the key, huh? ;)

  6. I always wonder what makes the difference. One day things go so well and another run is just horrible. Thankfully there seem to be more good ones. Good job on yours.

  7. I am sure that the elixir for running doesn't exist. I think that we have good performance when we are relaxed and without the daily life stress. Great progress, congrats!!!

  8. I'm surprised the football didn't put you off altogether - from an England point of view, it was a horrendous match! Great running. Sometimes it all just feels right, doesn't it?


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