Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Iven has man-flu. It's a terrible virus which is quite debilitating in males but in females is known simply as a cold. He's been moping around the house. Dragging his slipper-clad feet. Coughing loudly. And talking in a very deep voice so I realise just how sick he really is.

Poor Ive - he married one of the most unsympathetic women that has put foot on the earth. I've remained stalwart in refusing to pander to his illness because I know my boy - one ounce of sympathy will have him reclining in bed for a week.

He has been quite considerate despite his malady. Once he starts coughing in bed he leaves the room and I get to sleep blissfully uninterrupted. I've been hitting the zinc and vitamin c tablets to try and ward off any germs he may have let fly and so far so good. Can't get sick now, I have a race to run on Sunday.

And speaking of races, I'm getting edgy about this one. It's pretty stupid really because it doesn't matter how fast I run. Unfortunately I'm quite competitive and I hate not doing the best that I can do. But on the other hand I don't want to push too hard and suffer any adverse consequences. So for the moment I'm trying not to think about the race at all so I don't get nervous. I just have to turn up Sunday and run how I feel.


  1. i'm not full of sympathy either. Men are bigger "babies" aren't they? You'll be great at your race.

  2. Love the term man-flu--excellent!

    Nerves are a part of the game, aren't they? You'll do great!

  3. I told my husband about the "Man-flu" and he laughed, "Oh man, we're busted!"

    I know what you mean about wanting to do well but not wanting to get injured. It's a weird feeling and I've had it. You'll know what to do on Sunday morning. Good luck!

  4. Man-flu is also a widespread phenomenon in the UK. Lucky that we females aren't prone to this terrible illness.

  5. I've never heard about that illness!
    I'm sure you'll run a good race. You have recently increased your speed :)

  6. I always feel that way before a race too! It's hard not to get the pre-race jitters, no matter how fast you intend to run!

  7. Funny my hubby often comes down with this "man-flu" you would think he was going to die from it or something! Good luck at your race!

  8. I know all about the man-flu...I think it's international!

    Good luck this weekend! Be smart :)


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